Pho is a popular street food in Vietnam, a soup full of rice noodles, meat, and ultra-flavourful broth. The phenomenon has found its way to international popularity, not unlike the popularity of ramen. It is a simple and elegant dish that is craved by many, so here are the greatest spots in London that you can indulge in some fantastic pho!

Pho Lee Restaurant

Neighbourhood: Carling Heights
1030 Adelaide St. N #8C (map)
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Best Pho in London - Pho Lee

If beef pho is what you crave, Pho Lee is your destination. They’ve got sixteen varieties of beef pho on their menu! Sixteen! They use a bunch of different preparations and parts of the cow to give your soup different flavours. Rare beef, beef flank, beef balls, tendon, and tripe all in different combinations to make over a dozen unique soups.

If red meat isn’t your thing, don’t worry – the chicken pho is spectacular as well.

No matter which soup you get, you won’t be disappointed. The warmth and rich flavour makes it one of the best comfort foods there is. On your next sick day, pass on a can of Campbell’s chicken noodle and order a bowl of pho from Pho Lee, it’s almost magical how much better you’ll feel.

Pho Lee’s Vietnamese food is stellar all around, but there’s a good reason “pho” is in their name. It’s beyond delicious and has become a constant craving for multiple people here at the SKB office. If you’re a fan and have never visited Pho Lee, we can’t recommend it enough!

Vietnam Restaurant

Neighbourhood: Old East Village
1074 Dundas St. (map)
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Best Pho in London - Vietnam Restaurant

Vietnam Restaurant may not have the catchiest name, but it’s definitely accurate. This restaurant in the Old East Village has been offering traditional Vietnamese cuisine for a quarter of a century now (since 1994), and it’s truly mouth-watering.

Found right across the street from the old Kellogg’s Factory, Vietnam Restaurant has got all the Vietnamese food that you want. From hotpots to rice dishes, and of course the pho!

There are nine varieties of beef pho that you’ll find on the menu. Their specialty is the #8, pho’ dac biêt. Rare beef, beef balls, tripe, and beef brisket accompany your noodles in a rich beef broth.

Vietnam Restaurant is definitely a hidden gem – many Londoners have probably passed by dozens of times without stopping in. But we can assure you that when you do decide to dine at Vietnam Restaurant, you’ll be floored by how delicious it is. Fresh and flavourful, Vietnam Restaurant is a mandatory visit for lovers of pho in London!

Dem Hai Dang

Neighbourhood: Carling Heights
1249 Huron St. (map)
Best Pho in London - Dem Hai Dang

Haven’t heard of this one? Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. Their online presence is non-existent, and their sign is rather small and unassuming. However, should you be able to track this place down the first time, the food will have you coming back time and time again.

A charming little hole in the wall, Dem Hai Dang is determined to bring you the best Vietnamese and Thai food you can get in the Forest City.

Over a page of the Dem Hai Dang menu is dedicated to different varieties of pho. All sorts of beef preparations could go into your soup if you desire it. From rare beef to well-done flank to tripe, it’s sliced perfectly thin and incredibly tender.

Rich, warming, and extremely delicious, the pho at Dem Hai Dang is to die for. The succulent meat, rich broth, and chewy rice noodles make for the perfect soup that will keep you coming back for more!


Neighbourhood: Downtown London
118 Dundas St. (map)
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Best Pho in London - Tamarine

Tamarine flips the script on many of the other restaurants on this list, and instead of having multiple variations, they offer one truly perfect rendition of pho. Additionally, instead of beef, which has been the favourite of this list so far, the protein of choice at Tamarine is chicken.

The pho is labelled a “house favourite” for good reason, it’s straight up fantastic. The broth is flavoured with star anise, cinnamon, and ginger, adding layers of incredible flavour to the dish. Tender, juicy chicken, rice noodles, and fresh herbs to top it off.

If you really are craving beef, however, they have a spicy beef noodle soup that is also incredible. It’s not pho exactly, but it’s pretty similar in many ways. Thinly sliced, rare beef served with vermicelli in a spicy beef and lemongrass broth.

Tamarine’s location is perfect for a pre-Knight’s game dinner. It’ll warm you up before you spend all evening in a cold arena!

When you’re downtown and on the hunt for pho (or something similar), there’s no better spot than Tamarine!

Vietnam Taste

Neighbourhood: Oak Crossing
666 Wonderland Rd. N (map)
Best Pho in London - Vietnam Taste

The mission statement of Vietnam Taste is in its name: give London a taste of traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

The pho at Vietnam Taste is near perfection, it’s seriously hard to beat. A bowl of pho at this restaurant is a real treat. They’ve got plenty of options to pick from, making it easy for you to find the perfect bowl for you. They’ve got multiple preparations of beef to put in the soup and a chicken option! Can’t decide? There’s even a chicken and beef pho for you to try.

If you’re extra hungry or just want lots and lots of beef, the Special Noodle in Broth (number 27) is for you. Rare beef, beef ball, tripe, tendon, and brisket all in one bowl! It’s a jam-packed bowl that’s full of flavour!

After a round of bowling at Fleetway across the street or an “I swear it’ll be quick” trip to Costco just down the road, there’s nothing like a hot bowl of pho from Vietnam Taste!

Thuan Kieu

Neighbourhood: Carling Heights
1275 Highbury Ave. N #116 (map)
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Best Pho in London - Thuan Kieu

Thuan Kieu has a huge menu, spanning multiple types of Asian cuisine. Despite all the choices available, the pho is one of their most popular dishes! Having tasted many of their dishes over the years, this is a testament to how delicious this soup really is.

Thuan Kieu offers a variety of beef-based soups, each more delicious than the last. It’s hard to beat the classic beef rice noodle soup, perfect in its simplicity. Add some beef flank or tendon for a little something extra. Or go all the way and get the special, which has it all!

Add a squirt of sriracha to give your soup a little extra kick, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a bowl of soup! It’s undoubtedly one of the best in the city of London!