Although the dish was invented in that other city called London, fish and chips is a popular meal in the Forest City with many restaurants dedicated solely to perfecting the fried fish formula! There are some old hats and some new faces on this list. Some of the restaurants opened decades ago, while others have just passed one year of serving Londoners! Regardless of their histories, each of the restaurants have their deep fryers hot, their fish battered, and potatoes cut. All you have to do is order!

Kipps Lane Fish and Chips

Neighbourhood: Huron Heights 1050 Kipps Ln. (map)
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Best Fish and Chips in London - Kipps Lane As you may have guessed, Kipps Lane Fish and Chips can be found right on Kipps Lane, in the same spot it’s been since 1972. The original owner, John Arp, was dubbed “The Codfather” in the early 80’s, a nod towards just how amazing their fish and chips are. John’s daughter Jacqueline Arp continues on the Codfather legacy to this day, serving up freshly fried and perfectly cooked fish alongside golden brown and salty fries to hungry Londoners. At the shop on Kipps, you have three choices of fish to accompany your chips: halibut, cod, and haddock. Halibut is their original offering, served up for a whopping 85 cents in 1972. Caught in the north Pacific, the white fish is dense, flaky, and absolutely delicious. Cod is the most popular choice of fish in the UK, and those guys wrote the book on fish and chips. The cod at Kipps Lane is light, flaky, and fluffy with none of the “fishiness” that make some people wary of seafood. Haddock has a larger flake than the other two, and is described as slightly sweet. Some even go as far to say it’s more flavourful than cod, but still not “fishy.” The chips, or fries as Canadians are more inclined to call them, are thick cut, which is traditional for fish and chips. A crisp bite and fluffy centre makes for the perfect accompaniment. On Tuesdays, you can grab a haddock and chips for only $9.95, or $12.65 any other day of the week. You can get the same great deal on a cod and chips dinner on Wednesdays. No matter which fish you pick or which day you visit, you’ll always get perfectly cooked fish and chips with lemon and their incredible house-made tartar sauce. Their menu extends to all sorts of seafood now, including scallops, shrimp, and even fish tacos. Or if fish isn’t your thing, they’ve also got salads, chicken strips, and unbelievable poutine. There’s a lot of history behind Kipps Lane Fish and Chips. For over 40 years, they’ve been one of the best in the business and there’s no signs that they’ll be dethroned any time soon. London’s Codfather lives on in Kipps Lane Fish and Chips.

Olde London Fish and Chips

Neighbourhood: White Oaks 561 Southdale Rd. E (map)
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Best Fish and Chips in London - Olde London Olde London Fish and Chips is a traditional chip shop run by the mother-daughter team of Brenda and Keri Phillips. Sticking to the British origins of their title dish, Olde London has been the place to go for a piece of top-quality fish that’s been battered and fried to perfection in the south end since 1994. There are many types of fish to pick from at Olde London Fish and Chips: cod, halibut, haddock, salmon, and Alaskan whitefish are all available. Each fish fillet is coated with a light, non-greasy batter that was created by Brenda’s father, the owner of multiple fish and chip shops, in 1955. Get one or two pieces of fish, with the option to add four shrimps to your meal. Or if you’re feeling extra hungry on a Sunday or a Tuesday, Olde London offers All You Can Eat Alaskan whitefish as a special! The chips are fresh cut and fried to order, so you know they’ll always be sizzling hot with that incredible crunch when they come to your table. They’re absolutely perfect with salt and a splash of vinegar if that’s your style, or take a dip into the homestyle tartar sauce. Even if you’re avoiding anything that came from a deep fryer, you can still enjoy the seafood at Olde London. Get your fish steamed instead of fried, and opt for a side of rice instead of fish. Just as flavourful and without the fat! There are also a few sides that you can add on to your meal in traditional English style. Coleslaw, a vinegar-based recipe that’ll add some fresh and acidic elements to your meal, and mushy peas, exactly what it sounds like but so much better than what you may expect. Visiting Olde London Fish and Chips is always a delight. Fresh, thick-cut chips to go along with top-quality fish, battered and fried with expertise. Now that’s a proposition that’s near impossible to refuse.

Irene’s Seafood and Grill

Neighbourhood: Glen Cairn 315 Wellington Rd. (map)
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Best Fish and Chips in London - Irene's Irene’s Seafood and Grill is an inconspicuous-looking house on the corner of Wellington Road and Wellington Court. While the exterior may be modest and the dining room is rather tiny, there’s nothing bolder than the flavour of the fish and chips that they serve. The smallest order of fish and chips you can get at Irene’s consists of one large and one small piece of fish, served with fries and a roll, as well as your choice of soup, salad, or coleslaw. Definitely not a tiny portion! You can also double down and get two large pieces and one small piece of fish accompanied by the sides. Your fried fish selection is either halibut, cod, or haddock. Many Irene’s regulars will swear that the halibut is some of the best that you’ll find anywhere! Light and flaky white fillets ensconced in a light batter that’s been fried to golden, crisp perfection. The fries match the golden-brown hue as well as the satisfying crunch. Squeeze a lime wedge over everything and you’re off to the races! There’s a whole lot more to the Irene’s menu than just fish and chips. If you aren’t feeling fried fish, you can pick from one of their famous grilled fish dinners. They offer over half a dozen types of fish to pick from, including specialty exotic fish. They’ve also got a whole breakfast menu of pancakes, omelets, and French toast that’s served between 7AM and 4PM, a variety of sandwiches and burgers, and even steak dinners! Irene’s doesn’t let their small size get in the way of big flavours. Their fish and chips are perfectly crisp on the outside and flaky tenderness on the inside. Whether you manage to get a table in their dining room or are ordering to go, you’ll never finish a meal at Irene’s unsatisfied.

The Takeout Fish and Chips

Neighbourhood: Huron Heights 1635 Oxford St. E (map)
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Best Fish and Chips in London - The Takeout If you thought Irene’s was tiny, then take a look at The Takeout Fish and Chips. Located on the corner of Oxford Street and Second Street, this little blue house is responsible for some of the best fried fish and French fries that you can find in the Forest City! When ordering fish and chips, your fish options are: halibut, haddock, cod, and shrimp (technically not a fish, but you can get it with chips and it’ll still be delicious). No matter which seafood option you choose, it’ll get battered and fried until golden brown, ready to be eaten. Meals come with either one or two pieces of fish, fries, and a small coleslaw. If there’s a group of you that all want the same type of fish, you can go for a family pack, which comes with six pieces and a double order of fries. If you’re just feeling a fish and no chips (or you’re looking to add an extra piece of fish to your other meal), that’s an option as well! If you aren’t feeling like seafood, The Takeout also has three different preparations of chicken: wings, nuggets, and fillets. The nuggets and fillets both come with a side of chips, so you can still feel included in the “fish and chips” style, even without the fish. Meanwhile, your wings come tossed in your choice of mild, medium, hot, or honey garlic sauce if you so desire it! As the name suggests, the only dine-in opportunity is a picnic table out in front of the shop, which isn’t the most viable option given the current weather. Your best options are to take out or to get it delivered by Skip the Dishes! The Takeout Fish and Chips shows that the phrase “small but mighty” still has meaning. They may not have a grand and glorious dining room, but that won’t stop them from making some of the best fish and chips you can sink your teeth into!

Golden Lake Fish and Chips

Neighbourhood: Westmount  15 Southdale Rd. E (map)
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Best Fish and Chips in London - Golden Lake The south end of London really has fish and chips sorted out! Golden Lake Fish and Chips is a new face on the London fish and chips scene, having opened in May 2017, and they’re making a big splash (yes, the fish pun was intended)! Your fish choices are as follows: haddock, cod, halibut, or pollock. Golden Lake is the only restaurant on this list to offer pollock, which is considered to be strong in flavour when compared to mild fish varieties like halibut or cod, though not overbearing or overly fishy in smell or taste. The fish is dipped in a signature batter before frying, making the fish flaky and soft while the batter gets crisp. A standard order comes with one fillet for haddock, cod, and halibut, while a pollock order comes with two. If you’re ordering for a group, consider the Meal for 2 or 3, which come with the respective number of pieces of haddock, a large garden salad, large fries, and garlic bread with cheese. While it diverges from the traditional sides of coleslaw and mushy peas, it’s an irresistible meal to share with friends or family. Golden Lake’s fish and chips lunch special is even better! If you visit between 11AM and 3PM, you can get a pollock fillet and fries for only $7.49! Add some shrimp to that deal and you have the Pollock, Shrimp & Fries lunch special for only $9.99! That’s some good bang for your buck. With options for dining in, taking out, and even delivery (through Just Eat and Skip the Dishes), you can get some awesome fish and chips anytime!