The magic of chicken wings lies in the elegant simplicity of the dish. Chicken, deep-fried and tossed in a sauce or dusted with a seasoning. That’s it: simple and delicious. Londoners, as with basically everyone in the world, love chicken wings. From the grab-and-go restaurants to pubs to something a little fancier, you’ll find chicken wings just about anywhere you go. Each with their own special twist or trademark that makes their wings unique and delicious. With so many places offering fantastic wings, we had to include more than usual on our list! So, this Best of London is a bit of a quick-fire round, hitting on as many chicken wing spots as we possibly can. Let’s jump right in!

The Squire Pub & Grill

Neighbourhood: Downtown London 109 Dundas St. (map)
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Best Chicken Wings - Squire If you’re familiar with Santa Knows Best, then you’re almost definitely also familiar with the Squire Pub & Grill. This pub is right across the street from Budweiser Gardens, making it the perfect stop either before or after one of their many events – from concerts to London Knights and London Lightning games. No matter what your reason for being downtown, the Squire is always a great place to stop for a drink and a bite. In our case this time, it’s those gorgeous chicken wings. With nearly a dozen different flavours, both wet and dry, the Squire is primed and ready to fill that chicken wing craving any which way you please. Heat seekers can torture their taste buds with flavours like Extra Hot and Chipotle Mango. Barbeque fans will be overjoyed by the Apple Butter Mesquite and the Red Ale Carolina BBQ. Fans of the classics can rest assured knowing the Squire offers favourites like Classic Frank’s and Lemon Pepper. And the more adventurous types can venture into the great chicken wing unknown with flavours such as White Cheddar and Ketchup Seasoning. Of course, either ranch or blue cheese dressing can accompany your wings regardless of flavouring upon your request. For the best deals, head to the Squire on Mondays and Thursdays. Along with 20 ounces of Bud or Bud Light for $5, your wings will be half price!


Neighbourhood: Westmount & Carling Heights 141 Pine Valley Blvd. (map) & 777 Adelaide St. N (map)

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Best Chicken Wings - PalasadYou know Palasad for the bowling, you know Palasad for the pizza, and now you’ll have to head back to find out all about their amazing wings! At Palasad, you can have your wings your way. They give you the option of classic wings or boneless, traditional sauces or dry rubs, or go for one of their house-made signature sauces! There are so many options! Their traditional sauces include a variety of heat levels ranging from mild to “ridiculously hot”, two barbeque options, and the classic honey garlic. Their butter-basted dry rubs offer less saucy, but equally delicious options, such as lemon pepper, Cajun, or maple bacon. The true majesty, however, lies in their house-made signature sauces – these options take the Palasad’s wing game to a new plane of existence. These flavours are like the levelled-up versions of the ones previously mentioned. You’ve got your classic Buffalo Hot – combining Frank’s Red Hot, butter, and spices – or the Canadian Maple BBQ – putting together their maple bacon dry rub and BBQ sauce for a match made in heaven. These wings are truly exquisite. Go in on Wednesdays between 3PM and close, and your wings will be half-price! With the quality you’re getting, that’s a real steal! Dinner and entertainment work perfectly in tandem at Palasad – eat as you bowl, just make sure you get the sauce off your fingers before you stick them in the bowling ball!

Bernie’s Bar & Grill

Neighbourhood: Sherwood Forest & Byron 1225 Wonderland Rd. N (map) & 1290 Byron Baseline Rd. (map)
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Best Chicken Wings - Bernies This London bar has had a couple names since it opened its doors back in 1989 – originally known as Spindle’s Restaurant, then Cherry B’s in 1990, then finally settling on Bernie’s Bar and Grill in 1993. With two locations and nearly three decades, Bernie’s has been serving up some stellar chicken wings to Londoners! At Bernie’s you can pick from fourteen different flavours! Including the staple flavours including a range of heats – mild to ultimate suicide – lemon pepper, and Frank’s Red Hot. They also have a couple off the beaten track like the spicy sweetness of Hot Honey or Butter Brushed (let’s be real, butter is good on everything). At both Bernie’s locations, every single Monday and Tuesday are Wing Nights! Stop in and grab a whole load of wings for 69 cents each! With prices that great, you’ll forget it’s not the weekend! The west side of London never has to worry about where to get wings. Southwestern Londoners can head to the Byron location while northwestern Londoners only have to go to Sherwood Forest Mall to get their cravings satiated.

Fatty Patty’s Bar and Grill

Neighbourhood: Southcrest 390 Springbank Dr. (map)
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Best Chicken Wings - Fatty Pattys Fatty Patty’s is a south end bar and restaurant that has gained a reputation for famously fantastic wings in the south end of London. Grab a pint and some buffalo wings and you’ll never have a bad time at Fatty Patty’s. The Fatty Patty’s menu labels their wings as legendary, and we have to agree. They are fried to perfection and slathered in the sauce of your choice, either mild, medium, hot, suicide, honey garlic, or honey hot! And celiacs can celebrate! Since these wings are not breaded, they’re gluten free!  Grab a pound for $8.95, two for $14.95, or 3 pounds and a jug of draft for $29.95! On Wednesdays at Fatty Patty’s, you’ll find one of the best deals in the city. Each wing costs you only 50 cents! Take advantage of the deal from the time the doors open at 11AM until they close at 1AM. It’s that kind of deal that makes your heart skip a beat!


Neighbourhood: Aylmer 438 Talbot St, Aylmer (map)
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Best Chicken Wings - Cys
Cy’s is a combination bowling alley, sports bar, restaurant, and event venue that prides themselves on some seriously delicious wings. Cy’s isn’t in London exactly. It’s southeast of the city in the town of Aylmer, but it’s a reasonable drive for some of the best wings in the region or, as they claim, all of Ontario! Their house-made sauces are the talk of the town, reaching a level of spice that they refer to as “suicide.” Other crowd favourite flavours include garpar, or garlic parmesan to the layman, and classic buffalo. If you’re craving wings, but also dying for a slice of pizza, you can give their buffalo chicken pizza a try. Chicken slathered in their famous buffalo sauce and put on a pizza? Sounds like a great idea! Whether you’re at Cy’s to bowl, see a show, or just hang out at the bar, you absolutely have to get a basket of wings for the table. They claim to be the best in Ontario, and we’re inclined to agree with them!

Ring A Wing

Neighbourhood: 6 Locations in London 6 Locations (map)
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Best Chicken Wings - Ring a Wing Ring a Wing is a grab-and-go chicken wing restaurant with six locations in London. Founded and owned by Emanuel Isaac and his three brothers, Ring a Wing is a local favourite for fried chicken on the go. Winning the London Free Press awards in 2012 and 2013 for Best Chicken Wings in London, Ring a Wing is definitely a quality spot for dinner if you’re craving chicken wings. Ring a Wing offers a staggering 50 flavours of chicken wings. They’re broken down into four levels of heat: mild, medium, hot, and dry. Mild includes flavours such as honey garlic, sweet and sour, and zesty orange ginger, which stands out as something you won’t find anywhere else. The medium level offers flavours including a variety of BBQ sauces, pad Thai, and pineapple curry. Hot has four options: hot, Jamaican hot, hot honey, or spontaneous combustion – eat these at your own risk! Finally, the dry flavours include lemon pepper, Cajun, and spicy BBQ. Ring a Wing offers flavours you won’t find anywhere else, and when you order on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, you’ll get a great deal! Either the small or large family pack, which includes wings, fries, onion rings, and pop for a discounted rate!

Chain Restaurants

Chain restaurants may not be locally owned, but some of them undeniably serve up some great wings. As such, the following chains with London locations also belong on this list. With great deals and even better wings, these are the best wings you can get from a chain restaurant in London.

Montana’s BBQ & Bar

Neighbourhood: Hyde Park & Glen Cairn 1335 Fanshawe Park Rd. W (map) & 485 Wellington Rd. (map)
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Best Chicken Wings - Montanas Montana’s may have a focus on barbeque, but their fried chicken wings are also a crowd favourite. Their wings are double breaded and then fried for that extra crispy crunch. Pick from mild, medium, hot, or honey garlic sauces for your wings to be tossed in and you’ll get them hot and fresh with a side of either blue cheese or ranch for dipping. For the non-meat eaters out there, Montana’s has also included a buffalo cauliflower “wing” option. Fresh cauliflower dipped in tempura batter and fried to perfection. While some may scoff at the comparison to chicken wings, these cauliflower “wings” are incredible nuggets of deliciousness and friendly to vegetarians!

Kelseys Original Roadhouse

Neighbourhood: 4 Locations in London 4 Locations in London (map)
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Best Chicken Wings - Kelseys Kelsey’s has been offering unforgettable wings since 1978! Their delicious and saucy wings come in three sizes of orders: snack, regular or large, depending on your appetite! Pick from a variety of flavours and heat levels to satisfy your palette, including classic and apple butter BBQ, honey garlic, and sweet and spicy Thai chili! Kelsey’s also offers New York-style wings, which are un-breaded! Or if wings aren’t your speed, but you’re still craving some fried chicken goodness, they have a whole host of chicken finger flavours, including Doritos Cool Ranch! Head to one of their many London locations or order for delivery with your preferred food delivery app, Kelsey’s has got you covered!

Boston Pizza

Neighbourhood: 3 Locations in London 3 Locations in London (map)
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Best Chicken Wings - Boston Pizza Boston Pizza may have the most varieties of wing types than any other restaurant on this list. You can pick from all meat bites (AKA boneless wings), breaded and fried wings, un-breaded and fried wings, or un-breaded and oven roasted wings! Once you have your wing type selected, then you get to pick your flavour. Get them naked with no sauce or a classic BBQ, spice levels ranging from mild to hot, or enjoy the salt and pepper dry rub. They also have the most extensive dip selection. Get the classic ranch or blue cheese, or venture into the crazily named cactus dip, or try the creamy garlic Caesar. With their recent Appy Hour promotion, Boston Pizza offers drinks and appetizers, including your prized wings, starting at $4 at participating locations! Make your trip between Sunday and Thursday at either 3PM to 6PM or 9PM to close and you’re in the Appy Hour!

Crabby Joes

Neighbourhood: 4 Locations in London 4 Locations in London (map)
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Best Chicken Wings - Crabby Joes The wings at Crabby Joe’s are definitely some of the greatest there are. Lightly breaded and served crispy and straight from the fryer, it’s hard to turn down those gorgeous wings. Enjoy flavours like your classic mild, medium, and hot, some parm ‘n’ pepper, or if you’re glutton for punishment: the Nashville hot or the ghost pepper wings. All wings are served with the classic accoutrements of carrots, celery, and blue cheese dressing. Make your visit to Crabby Joe’s a Tuesday for Wingin’ It Tuesday. Every blessed wing will only cost you 69 cents! The deal goes on all day so you could get some for lunch and come back for dinner if you’re really invested in getting some wings!