Buying a new home is exciting, but it is only the first step on a long and wonderful journey of home ownership. Once the ink is dry and the keys are officially in your hand, the work has just begun. Now it is time to turn that foreign building into a place you love by making your new house a home. Whether you have purchased a new build, an older residence, or condominium, you will want to make changes to the property that will reflect your style and taste. This can include painting, remodelling, buying new furniture, and setting up your existing belongings just right so the room feels good when you are in it.  No matter how big or small they are, one of the first things you should do is make changes to turn your newly bought house into a welcoming, warm sanctuary that you want to live in. Your home should be a place that represents you. It should be a home that you want to go to and spend time in; a space that reflects what you like and value. Creating that feeling takes some work. Just moving furniture into the home is not enough to make your house feel like a home. Adding your own personalized touch to the interior and exterior will help turn your new place into your own private paradise. From the smallest to the largest details, every area should loudly and proudly scream you. There are many ways to make your house look like a home, no matter what your budget is. Whether you plan to buy all new furnishings or work with what you have, these simple tips will help you transform your new residence into your own personal haven.

Personalize Every Room

A modern interior design (bedroom).   First and foremost, it is important to personalize each room to reflect who you are so you feel good spending time in every section of your new place. Whether it is the bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, bedroom, or living room, spend some time in each area designing it the way you want it to look. Take your time to choose paint colours, furnishing, rugs, and other flooring, appliances, and other accessories that will showcase you and meet your needs. Plan your layout and set up so that the room feels comfortable and functional.



Wall Colours

  One of the first things people do when they move into a new place is to change the wall colours. Painting is one of the easiest and most economical ways to completely transform a room. If the room’s colour scheme does not match your furnishings or décor plans, change it. By adding the hues that you choose to the space, you will quickly change the tone of the room to reflect you.




Whether you are buying new furniture or bringing in existing furnishings, it is important to take time to set up your possessions so you like how the room is arranged. To make your new house a home, the furniture should be what you want and like, not what someone else has chosen. The setting should be arranged to fit the space so you can move easily and freely. If you have furnishings given to you by others, slipcovers and throw pillows are a useless and inexpensive way to change the look of the sofa or chair so it better represents your likes and wants.      


Storage Space

Moving is a messy job that takes time to unpack, arrange everything and settle in. But once the boxes are emptied and your belongings are in their proper place, now it’s time to assess the storage space. When unpacking, it usually doesn’t take long to figure out if your home does not have enough adequate closet room to stow your stuff. Nothing will make your house feel more uncomfortable and less homey than walking into a cluttered, messy place. To reduce the piles, go through your place to see where and how you can add extra storage room. This can include building extra closet space or installing additional shelves and cabinets. If neither of these options is doable, there are different types and styles of furnishings and accessories you can purchase to tuck your belongings attractively out of sight.


Pictures and Wall Art

Bare walls can look very cold and impersonal. Adding artwork to the empty surface can brighten up a room while filling a void. If you do not have a favourite art piece to hang on your barren wall scape, there are plenty of ways you can create your own personal wall displays. Frame your top travel and event photos along with family and friend images, to create a collage made of beautiful memories and loved ones in your room or hall. Hanging framed calendar pictures or images taken from an old book or magazine will also add to the personal beauty of your place.



Area Rugs and Mats

  Cold, hard, and impersonal floors can be given a warm upgrade by adding an area rug and doormats to the room. Applying mats will easily make your house feel like a home because the vibrant colours and patterns bring all the décor together while covering an empty, blank space. The right area rug will turn any room into a comfy, warm, and welcoming place.




Some structures cannot be easily replaced or removed such as cabinets, doors, and some appliances. If you cannot paint or change the permanent features to better reflect your décor wants, you can still change the look of the surface by replacing the fixtures around or on the room. Changing doorknobs, taps, light switch casings, and other fixtures is an affordable and easy way to remove someone else’s impersonal choice and add your own. These simple adjustments are easy to complete but can have a huge impact on making your first house feel like your home.




While the exterior of your new home is not as important as the interior when making your house look like a home, it still needs your attention. Your yard shows the world what type of person you are and is the first sight you will see when you approach your property every day. The exterior should feel just as welcome, inviting, and comfortable as the inside. You can easily turn your yard into your own personal space by adding flowers, shrubs, foliage, flowering pots, ornamental garden accessories, lighting, and outdoor furniture. By personalizing your front and backyard, you can create an outdoor area the makes your new house feel just as much like your home as the interior décor does.   Buying a new house is one of the biggest and most exciting ventures you will take. But purchasing the property is just the beginning. Once you have bought the house, it is time to turn your new abode into your very own home; a place that you want to and enjoy spending time in. Inside and outside, your new house is your private sanctuary. It is a place that should feel like it belongs to you. To make your new house feel like a home, it is important to spend time in each part, designing the rooms and spaces to reflect your style, taste, and personality.  Whether you are on a limited budget or have lots of free money to completely transform the residence, you want to put your personal stamp on the interior and exterior layout to create a joyful, homey atmosphere that is all you.