Prepare to Sell Your House Selling your home is not an easy undertaking. When homeowners think about putting their house for sale, they often think about the physical work involved and stress that will eventually come from moving from their current place to the next. Most individuals do not think about the stress they feel during the selling process. Listing your home and moving are rated as the third most stressful life event and with good reason. Most people develop emotional attachments to their property and find it difficult to relinquish ownership to a complete stranger. A house is more than just a building, it is a personal haven; a sanctuary where memories are made. It is a place where you have experienced and shared many good and bad life moments with loved ones. The decision to market your house for sale is often not made easily or on a whim. It is a decision that most owners have been pondering for some time. While most owners sell their place for positive reasons, like relocating or upsizing, others are doing so because unexpected or unwanted events have forced them to make this life changing decision. No matter the reason, listing your home for sale is a stressful event. But you can reduce your anxiety by preparing for the date in advance. As the seller, you will have to spend time getting your home and yourself ready for the big day. The more time you give yourself to prepare, the less stress you will feel once the for sale sign finally goes up. Industry experts recommend that you begin the process at least two months before the designated date to list your house. These tips will help you and your family prepare yourself to sell your home.

Declutter Sooner Rather Than Later

Prepare to Sell Your Home: Declutter It’s amazing how much stuff we accumulate over time. Rooms are often filled with things that we have bought over the years but no longer need or want. If you are considering putting your house for sale, start going through your material possessions and get rid of what you no longer want or need. The sooner you start, the more time you will have to clear the clutter from your place. Once you have gone through your goods the first time, go through them again for good measure. Having less furnishings lying around will not only make selling your home easier, but it will also make moving less labour intensive as well.

Fix the Small Stuff

Those small little fix-it jobs might add to your home’s charm and character when you see them, but buyers and agents will quickly point them out as flaws or unwanted repairs that need attention. By fixing the little things, you not only increase the value of your home but more importantly, reduce the criticism by strangers.

Pack it Away Before Listing

Prepare to Sell Your Home: Pack Before you List Less is more when staging a home so many home sellers rent pods or storage units to stow most of their belongings when their house is listed for sale. This not only makes it easier to move, but it also feels less invasive when strangers walk through your home because they are not encroaching on your private and personal property.

Plan Ahead

Part of the selling process inevitably involves potential buyers touring your home during scheduled visits and open houses. It can be highly emotional and taxing to watch strangers walk through your private space. To help ease the anxiety of seeing outsiders go through your home, plan to be out during those dates. There are many things you can do to take your mind off the selling process like planning a day trip, working outside the home, shopping, spending a fun day with your family, visiting friends, or going to other open houses to look for your next home.

Hire a Realtor Your Trust

Prepare to Sell Your Home: Trust Your Realtor Having a positive and trusting relationship with your real estate agent is vital when listing your home for sale. Knowing that you have hired an experienced professional who will give you the best service is essential for selling your home. There are many decisions and legal forms that need to be addressed. Your biggest financial and emotional investment should only be handled by someone you trust.

Let the Real Estate Agent Do Their Job

Real estate agents have a lot of work to do to help you sell your home. Stepping in and overseeing their job or trying to do the work instead of hiring a trained professional will only increase your anxiety. As the seller, you have enough to worry about. Focus on what you need to do and let your agent tend to their responsibilities.

Don’t Take It Personally

It is important to develop a thick skin and not take comments from others personally. It can be hard to hear strangers criticize your house, especially when you have put so much work into making it a home. When marketing your place, remember that comments from buyers are not a personal attack on you or your personal taste. They are looking at the property for their own investment and life. They are trying to see themselves in the place, not you. Their comments reflect on their own personal tastes and wants, not what you have built for yourself.

Be Realistic

Prepare to Sell Your Home: Be Realistic The market has been a sellers market for a while and, as a result, many owners have made much more on their property than what they were originally asking for. Bidding wars have been very profitable for people, but it can also create unrealistic goals for others who are considering putting their house for sale. When listing your home, it is important to be realistic about the value. If you list your home too high, it adds to the stress when lower than expected or no bids are offered on your home. Before listing your property, have a realistic conversation with your agent and do your own research. List your home at a value that reflects the type, location, and condition of your place.

Focus on Your Next Step

You are selling your home for a reason, so rather than focusing on the selling of your property put your energy into planning your next step. Life is continually evolving; selling your home is part of life’s changes. Focus on what you will be doing next so you will not be as fixated and stressed by the selling transactions happening in your home.