Sifton Properties Limited is creating a community in the perfect setting. Imagine tranquil settings with picturesque views. Imagine your own personal luxury retreat, tucked away from everything and everyone else. Imagine your own personal haven. Well, that is exactly what Sifton is creating in their new community: Haven on the Trent River. Currently in the initial phases, Haven is the perfect choice for people who love the outdoors. As the name implies, it sits right on the Trent River. It’s a secluded location that is tucked away on wooded lots. For those who love being close to water and who love fishing, boating, canoeing and kayaking, this location is an absolute dream.  
  This neighborhood is unlike any other. The lots are limited and it’s an incredibly exclusive opportunity. Sifton has carefully crafted this community to be incredibly private, luxurious, and absolutely gorgeous. The site plan shows that you’ll be living among nature with incredible amenities close by to give you the conveniences of an urban environment. Haven on the Trent River is located in Campbellford, which is a hidden gem in Ontario, and is a truly one-of-a-kind opportunity for new home builds. Take a look at everything that Haven has to offer.

The Location

Haven on the Trent River is located just outside of the beautiful town of Campbellford, which just happens to be one of Ontario’s best kept secrets. This small town is full of incredible vistas, fantastic conveniences and amenities, and is bursting with nature. Sifton found incredible potential within this little gem of a town to create a neighborhood unlike any other—Haven.  
  Haven on the Trent River Haven on the Trent River is located on Trent River, which is part of Trent-Severn Waterway. It’s filled with mature trees, beautiful greenery everywhere you look, and, of course, absolutely breathtaking views of the river. This incredible community is absolutely perfect for those who enjoy the great outdoors and love being active. There will be an exclusive trail network that will flow throughout the community and it will even connect to the Seymour Conservation Area trails. In addition to the trails, a beautiful, four acre waterfront park will be created within the community. It will have incredibly awe-inspiring view of the Ferris Provincial Park as well as a sheltered gathering space, in case of rain or to take shelter from the beating sun. It will also have parking spaces for river access.  
  There will also be a gorgeous pond built within the community. The pond is both aesthetically pleasing and is functional as it will help with stormwater management. Haven is located right outside of the town and you can even walk or ride your bike to the beautiful downtown. This means that one-of-a-kind local shops, breweries, cafes, parks, groceries, a pharmacy, a hospital and more are conveniently close by for you. And if you commute often, you’ll enjoy the fact that it’s a very short drive from Haven to the 401. Campbellford Campbellford​—​a small town that has charm and beauty in spades​—​is situated on the Trent-Severn Waterway. It’s a beautiful riverside community that offers its residents and visitors a plethora of waterfront activities and absolutely beautiful sights. It’s a great place to live for people who enjoy physical activity as it has tennis courts, parks, a community centre, a curling and racquet club, bowling lanes, pools, a conservation area, hiking, camping, boating, and great fishing. Of course even the outdoorsy types who love roughing it and camping enjoy a good meal. Luckily there are a lot of great of dining options in Campbellford: from fast food and pizza to family restaurants and upscale dining, you can find something to suit your taste buds and your cravings.  
  For those who are thinking about raising a family here, the great news is that there are multiple schools and a hospital right in this charming town. Since there are lots of trails and parks throughout the town, your kids will always have a place to run around and play. Campbellford is an incredible hidden gem in Ontario. It has a thriving arts community and is full of the kind of quirky charm that only a small town can give. For example, it’s home to the Toonie Monument, which is a twenty foot replica of the two dollar coin. From May to October it holds in incredible farmer’s market twice a week where you’ll find local produce, local meats, local honey and maple syrup, fresh baked goods, and handmade preserves. The Westben Arts Festival Theatre puts on incredible shows throughout the year in this cute country-style barn theatre, which combines sophistication with simplicity. Plus, chocoholics can rejoice with the fact that there is an incredible chocolate shop right in town.

The Homes

Haven on the Trent River is an incredibly unique building experience, unlike anything else out there. Sifton is committed to creating a truly exclusive and carefully crafted opportunity for people to live in their own private paradise. This plan has architectural controls on the homes to ensure that Haven stays an exclusive riverside setting for everyone who lives there. Through architectural control Sifton will be able to ensure a cohesive design and community, while still ensuring that each resident is able to create their dream home to a style that matches their personality, taste and lifestyles. The architectural control will only enhance the incredible ambiance of Haven.
The second thing that makes this a unique building experience is the fact that you have two options for building a home here. Either you can purchase a home through one of the incredibly talented luxury custom home builders that are building at Haven, or you can purchase a lot of your liking and select your own builder to then create the home. This is great if you’ve worked with a builder previously and want to build with them again because you’re comfortable with them, more then happy with the work that they did, and want to go with what you know. It’s also great if you’ve been looking at portfolios and have found a builder who has created something incredibly similar to your absolute dream home and want their expertise.  
  There will be a total of around 150 lots, so this is truly going to feel like a private and exclusive neighborhood. The lots are limited and will be on a controlled release to ensure a smooth construction process. These single family custom homes start from the $500s and are canvases that are awaiting your dreams and tastes to paint them into reality. The homes range from 1738 to 2889 square feet and are anywhere from 3 to five bedrooms. If you get in early, you’ll have your pick from waterfront homes, and beautiful hilltop retreats. All lots have beautifully mature and tall trees around to give you a private, secluded retreat to come home to every day. The lots range in size and get up to a half acre.
Developments are currently in phase one (which is selling out quickly), which means that it’s the perfect time to ​register for information​ and start looking at whether this place is your paradise. Being part of phase one means that you have your pick of lot. It’s also amazing to be part of the first phase and get to see the transformation of the community.  
  Since this area is off the beaten path and is an entirely new neighborhood, it’s good to note that the lots are completely municipally serviced, which includes sewer, water, natural gas, and even hydro. Plus, the streets and the driveway will be paved, so you don’t have to worry about that. You’ll also have access to cable and phone services there. Also, you can rest assured because there is reliable internet available there. The site plan for Haven has what is called a key lot concept, which is going to allow for a higher number of waterfront properties, while also allowing for maximum privacy between the homes. Your home really will feel like a secluded haven. The model home is open if you want to take a look at what life would be like living in a gorgeous and secluded haven that is nestled in among the beauty of nature.

Small Town Living

One of the benefits of living in a small town is the fact that you become much less reliant on vehicle travel. People walk places in a small town. You use your car less often, which also means that there is less pollution in a small town since there are less carbon emissions. It also means that there are less car accidents! Another benefit of small town living, that is abundant in Campbellford is the beauty of nature. Parks, trails, trees and stunning views of the lake are everywhere. When you look around, you see green. The brick, concrete and pavement that surrounds you in a city is softened with nature and space in a small town. In towns like Campbellford, nature becomes part of your lifestyle. You go for walks in the park. You head to the lake to watch the sun set. You start to slow down and enjoy life and the world around you.  
  Small towns also have a lower cost of living. Often times land tax is lower and the homes often cost less as well. This means that you’re keeping more money in your pocket for choosing to live in a small town. Recreation is incredible in small towns. Town usually have fun events and festivities throughout the year for all residents to participate in, such as festivals and fairs. The recreation in Campbellford is even better because there are so many water activities that you can participate in, such as fishing, boating, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding and more.
Small towns have much lower crime rates than cities, which means that it’s a great place to raise a family. You know that song from the show Cheers? “Where everybody knows your name”. Well, small towns are great for being friendly. You’ll get to know all of your neighbors. People will stop and say hi while you’re out running your errands. You’ll know your local doctor by name. You’ll know who is teaching your kids in a much more personal level. People are more neighborly in a small town are more likely to help you shovel your driveway, or keep an eye on your house while you’re out of town.  
  A lot of people in the city feel a constant busyness that is part of city living. People are always on the go and are it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of it all. Small town living runs at a slower pace. People are more likely to have better work/life balance when they’re able to slow down and truly enjoy living. More and more companies are jumping on the remote train because they realize how much better it is for people and for the environment. This leaves room for more people to be able to leave the city and enjoy that small town lifestyle that they’ve always been curious about.

Living in Nature

Research has shown that urban environments can be ​associated​ with higher stress levels. Recent studies have shown that people who live closer to nature and do things like take hikes or walk along wooded trails are less stressed. It can also help to reduce anxiety. People who live close to nature tend to also be physically healthier. Hiking, walking on trails, swimming, canoeing and all of those wonderful activities get you outside, enjoying the sunshine, and exercising. Because you’re enjoying the exercise, you’re more likely to do it more often and for longer periods. Not only that, but the uneven terrain means that you’re working your body in
a much more effective way than if you were to hop on a treadmill. Plus, you’re getting vitamin D at the same time, which is also a bonus.  
  A ​study​ from the Journal of Environmental Health Perspectives also showed that people who live closer to nature might actually have longer life expectancies. In this study, they found that those who lived close to nature were 13% less likely to die from battling cancer, were 35% less likely to suffer from respiratory diseases, and were 30% less likely to be depressed. Trees and plants also help to reduce the pollutants in the air, which means that you’re breathing in healthier air each and every single day.  
  Building a home in Haven on the Trent River truly is a unique and incredible opportunity. If you want to register to get more information, you can do so ​here​. But we want to hear from you. What do you think of Haven? Would you want to live here? Is it an absolute dream come true? Would you rather have a waterfront home or a secluded hilltop view home? Let us know your opinions, whatever they are. Click on one of the social media links below and tell us what your thoughts are.