HarrisView is one of the newest developments that have been brought to you by Sifton Properties Limited. It’s a cleverly crafted community that is ideal for families and has been created to give you convenience, health, and absolute beauty. HarrisView is located in the charming town of Ingersoll and is being built into an absolute haven for families. Whether you’re a fan of small town living, are currently living in Ingersoll and looking to buy new, or if you’re a city slicker to the core just looking for the best place possible to raise your family, then you seriously need to check out HarrisView. It’s surrounded by protected green space, it has multiple parks and trails, it’s close to multiple amenities, and it beats to a slower-paced drum than the city does. Ingersoll is also an incredible place to raise a family and HarrisView is a very family friendly neighborhood. If you’re worried about the fact that you work outside of the town then you can rest assured because it’s located super close to the 401 and is an easy commute to London, Kitchener, and Waterloo.  
  HarrisView can give you and your family more for your money. You’re getting a better quality of life. You’re getting beautiful big city homes while getting the chance to experience the true joy of small town living. And if you want to pop into the city, it’s just a short drive away. So check out HarrisView and all that is has to offer you and your family. See if HarrisView is the right choice for you.

The Location

  HarrisView is located in the heart of Ingersoll on the corner of Harris street and Clark road. It’s an incredible neighborhood with beautiful streetscapes that are lined with stunning homes that strike a balance between modern and timeless elegance. It’s surrounded by beautiful wooded areas, ponds, and multiple parks. It’s just a very short distance from downtown Ingersoll, which means it’s so close to amenities. Not only that, but Sifton has submitted plans for a 140,000 square foot shopping center right within the new development, which will bring even more convenience to the residents of HarrisView. For those who looking to to buy a home, here are the reasons why living in a small town is an incredible choice for families. Towns are smaller and greener, which encourages people to walk more often. In fact, HarrisView is just a short five minute walk from a top rated elementary school! Small towns often have lower property taxes, which gives you more for your money. There is less traffic and less pollution in a small town. Plus, towns have a tendency to create tight knit communities that are friendly and welcoming. You get to know your neighbours and the people in the town. There is also less crime in a town. They are quieter and run at a slower pace than the city.
  Ingersoll is a thriving town that is a great spot to raise a family. It started as a small farming community but now this incredibly community has grown and is now home to over 13,000 friendly and welcoming people. It has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Ontario and has a rich cultural heritage. With one-of-a-kind shops and a museum, the town has charm for days. Living in Ingersoll is also great for families that want to live healthy active lifestyles. It has protected nature, beautiful spots riverside that are great for fishing and canoeing, miles of paths and trails that are great for hiking and biking, lots of parks and playgrounds, as well as spots for snowmobiling. Your family can enjoy the great outdoors and learn to leave the screens behind and be active instead.  
  Ingersoll is known as “Ontario’s Festival Town” for a good reason. It holds multiple festivals, including the Canterbury Folk Festival, RibFest, The Harvest Festival, Santa’s Festival Village, and even the Festival of Lights. You and your family can enjoy fun and celebration multiple times a year. In addition to the festivals, Ingersoll has museums, theatres, and art galleries. Your family will be raised surrounded by culture, creativity, and open mindedness. Ingersoll is a great place for you to help your kids to flourish. The community encourages healthy active and social lifestyles. For example, they have the “Fusion Youth Activity and Technology Centre” which gives school-aged kids a large range of incredible activities and programs. Their programs are in the arts, music, sports, cooking, technology, and leadership. They even have drop-in activities like dances and video game fun. Pretty much anything that your child develops an interest in, they’ll find a program that can help to encourage that hobby. Not only that, but with less traffic and the fact that small town neighborhoods are more tight knit, your kids will have the chance to run around, play street hockey, and enjoy the great outdoors.  
If you work in Ingersoll, then you pretty much have it made because getting from one side of a small town to the other takes little to no time so your commute will be a breeze. If your job is elsewhere but you still want to raise your family in a small town, then Ingersoll is a great choice. It has quick and easy access to the 401. Plus, it’s just a short 20 minute drive to London and an easy commute to kitchener and waterloo area. A lot of people find it difficult to strike a balance between work life and home life. They want great quality of life, but they can get easily swept up in the go-go-go life that a city encourages. For those people, small town life can be just the solution. You’ll get to raise your family in a safe and friendly community where you’ll have so many options for things to do. Your summer days will be spent making incredible memories and enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

The Homes

  HarrisView offers new home buyers spacious but affordable single family homes that are designed and built to be beautiful, functional, and great for families. The homes start in the $400s and are perfect for new, young, and growing families. The lot sizes range from 38 foot to 59 foot. Some of the lots back onto wooded areas, a beautiful pond, or even a park! Currently on phase three and four of the project, these are one and two story home designs.