St. George Grosvenor
London, Ontario
St. George Grosvenor is an incredibly beautiful neighborhood that is rich in culture and history. It’s located in “Old North” of London, and is right close to downtown London. The neighbourhood runs along the Thames River, in between Victoria Street and Oxford Street. Gibbon’s Park sits in the center, West of the neighborhood and takes up a substantial portion of it. St. George Grosvenor is also close to Western University and King’s.
This neighborhood is notable for its incredible beautiful, large, historic homes. There is a lot of gorgeous brickwork in this area on the large, old homes. Most of the houses in St. George Grosvenor are single family homes, although there are also some small walk-up styled apartments and a few high rise apartment buildings throughout it as well. Since this area is so close to the Universities in London, many of the oversized, historic houses have been converted into multiple “apartments” to appeal to students that are renting. The St. George-Grosvenor Neighborhood Association was created back in 1980 to conserve the historical and natural beauty of this area of London. They’ve preserved the incredible historical importance of this area, have redeveloped parts of the neighborhood that were not kept up throughout the years, and ensure to have a strong, beautiful, and livable community for the residents. Part of what this neighborhood is well-known for is Gibbon’s Park, which makes up a large part of it. Along with that, large, mature trees line the streets, and stunning views of the Thames River are part of what makes this such a beautiful neighborhood to live in.
St. George Grosvenor has lots of options for schools. Ryerson is within walking distance for parts of this neighborhood. It’s also close to King's University College and the University of Western Ontario. Elementary Ryerson Public School Louise Arbour French Immersion Public School St. Michael St. John French Immersion Secondary
Being close to the Thames River is an incredible amenity for those who enjoy being physically active. There are biking trails and hiking trails around the Thames River that can take you across London. Gibbons Park and Doidge Park are also nestled within this neighborhood and are an incredible amenity for families and those who want to enjoy green space within our city. Gibbons park is a 60 acre park that gathers Londoners from all around the city, but those within St. George Grosvenor have the privilege of being within walking distance to this great park. It has stretches of beautiful green space that is great for playing frisbee, throwing around a ball, and so much more. It also has picnic tables benches. There is a splash pad there, an outdoor pool, tennis courts, and two playgrounds. It also has a bridge that goes across the Thames River that has absolutely beautiful views. Doidge Park is a great place to stay active throughout the year. It has tennis courts, bike paths, a play structure, lots of green space, a baseball diamond, and even hills that are fun in the wintertime for sledding. There are a lot of businesses along Oxford Street including some essentials, such as ​Rexall​, Valu Mart​, gas stations, and banks. A really great local burger joint, ​The Bungalow​, is super close to St. George Grosvenor on Waterloo Street. Of course being so close to downtown means that you’re always just a short distance away from incredible entertainment at ​Budweiser Gardens​, ​Imagine Cinemas​, ​The Grande Theater,​ and the bustling nightlife of the downtown core. You’re also close to incredible restaurants such as The Tasting Room​, ​The Church Key​, ​Riverie​, ​Plant Matter Cafe​, and ​Toboggan Brewing Company​. St. Joseph’s Hospital and Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care are also nestled within this neighborhood.
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