London’s Ivey School of Business is one of the top ranked business schools in the world

Ivey Business School Ivey School of Business is a world renowned school that is revered for its case-study method of teaching and learning. Their style of hands-on learning that forces students to develop incredible critical thinking, decision making, and problem solving skills is one of the best for producing graduates who can handle real-world business issues and have the leadership skills and confidence to bring incredible success to whatever business venture they enter. Ivey ensures that all of their graduates are fully equipped to handle the ever-changing and fast-paced business world, even on a global level. Students who graduate from Ivey are quick to find employment as they have learned top-notch leadership skills, and incredible critical thinking skills. Not only that, but Ivey takes a great interest in setting their students up for success in life after school. Career Management is woven into student’s lives during their years at Ivey. Career guidance is simply part of the learning experience so that by the time they get their degrees, they have high-paying careers within months. London is incredibly lucky to have one of the world’s top ranked business schools right here in our amazing city. It means that we’re producing the world’s best leaders. We are equipping our great city with the success that we need to have our business thrive and succeed in our rapidly-changing world. Ivey is giving London, and the world, incredibly prepared leaders who are adaptable and have amazing critical thinking. Ivey is located in the Masonville area of London and is one of the best establishments of our city that we can be proud of. We truly are creating the future within this amazing school.


Ivey Business School - Old Image The now prestigious Ivey School of Business started in 1922 in the basement of the Western’s University College. Before the school ever came to fruition, back in 1919, Dr. W. Sherwood Fox, who was the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science and Dr. K.P.R. Neville, of the University Registrar, looked into options for teaching Commerce and Business. There was a demand for it from First World War veterans. The two created comprehensive studies of all of the business courses that Universities offered in North America. They decided through their findings that the case-study method that Harvard used was the most effective teaching style for Business. Ellis H. Morrow was a Harvard Graduate. He became the Head of the Department of Commercial Economics, Faculty of Arts (which gets a name change in 1927 to the Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Arts). Morrow travels to Harvard Business School for more training. In 1923 the very first class (of only 6) graduate with degrees in Honours Business Administration (HBA) for business administration. Then in 1948 there was a meeting at Western to determine if a National School of Business Administration is needed in Canada. In attendance of this meeting was the country’s top 100 CEOs and Presidents. In this meeting they established an Advisory committee and then started figuring out how to get an MBA degree program, and Executive Education program, and a PhD program. They were successful and in the fall of that year, Canada’s first MBA program started. In 1948. Canada’s first Executive program started, which was the Management Training Course (MTC). It combined both the Western and Harvard faculty. Then in 1950, The School of Business Administration finally became a separate entity within Western and Lloyd W. Sipherd was appointed the Dean of it. In 1951 the school finally upgraded from the basement of Western and moved to its first building, which was a former residence building near King’s College. Richard G. Ivey then led an effort in 1957 to raise the funds to build an actual building for the School of Business Administration on Western’s campus. When the building was built and opened, it honoured Richard’s amazing work by carrying his name and becoming the name we all know it by now.

The Family

Ivey Business School - Ivey Family London Room The family that has left behind such an incredible legacy have done so much for business education in London, Ontario, and in Canada. The Ivey Business School is renowned around the globe and would not be possible without the generosity and hard work of this incredible family.

Richard G. Ivey

Ivey Business School - The Ivey Family - Richard G. Ivey The man that the school was named after was a true businessman, a lawyer, and was generous in his philanthropy. It’s him that he school is named after. He was the very first Chairman of the Advisory Committee. The committee played a crucial role in helping the school become a seperate faculty from Western and become the first national school of business. He also helped raise the money for the actual physical building for the school. He also financed the first Management Training Course, the first PhD program in Business, as well as the first Canadian MBA program. His passion for learning and education was always apparent in his generosity. His philanthropy also stretched to the School’s Research Fund and the Plan for Excellence (the later has actually placed Ivey in as a Business School in a leadership position within Canada), both of which he donated to. He was granted an honorary Doctor of Law degree by the University to recognize all of his outstanding contributions. In 1947 Richard G Ivey and his Son Richard M Ivey founded the Richard Ivey Foundation, which has given more than $56 million through this private charitable foundation. Richard was Chairman of the Advisory Committee and only left that position when he was elected as University’s Chancellor in 1955. He kept that position in 1961. Richard G. Ivey passed in 1974.

Richard M. Ivey

Ivey Business School - The Ivey Family - Richard M. Ivey Richard took after his father in more than just his name. He too became a lawyer and was a generous philanthropist. He attended both Ridley College, and the University of Western Ontario, the latter is where he got his Honors Business Administration degree. During his time at Western, he was a member of the Delta Upsilon fraternity. Richard M also took after his father when he served as chancellor from 1980-1984. He was also made a member of the Order of Canada in 1988. After that he was promoted to Officer in 1994 and then to Companion in 2000.


Ivey Business School Emblem Ivey Business School has created quite the name for itself across the globe. It has an amazing reputation for its teaching and research and the Alumni have proved time and time again that Ivey churns out incredibly talented students that excel and succeed in the business world. The school’s accomplishments are many and are impressive and are the reason why London Ontario is proud to have Ivey Business School in our great city. Ivey’s MBA program has the highest salaries three years after graduation out of all of the Canadian business schools, according to the 2018 Financial Times Ranking. From 2014-2017, Bloomberg Businessweek granted Ivey Business School the number one MBA program spot in all of Canada. Bloomberg Businessweek did a recruiter survey in 2015 and found that the MBA graduates from Ivey were ranked first in these skills: leadership, collaboration, communication, and strategic thinking. These skills are always on the top of employers lists of what they’re looking for, but are not often skills easily found. The Economist, in 2017, ranked Ivey in the top ten in the whole world for Education Experience and Career Services, and ranked the MBA program as number one in Canada. For the Wharton-QS Stars ReImagine Education Awards in 2015, Ivey won bronze in the category for Nurturing Employability. Ivey Alumni have a high chance of holding the title of Chair, President, C-Suite, Vice-President, Managing Director, or Partner in their careers. In fact, 52% of all Ivey Alumni hold one of those titles. The school has a 92% career placement rate for 2015’s MBA class. Ivey Business School has maintained a top Canadian business thought and management practice publication (the Ivey Business Journal) for over 80 years. 19 of Ivey’s alumni are spearheading Profit 100 Fastest-Growing Companies Ivey was the first to open a permanent international business school campus in Hong Kong.

Culture and Beliefs

Ivey Business School The Ivey Mission: “To develop business leaders who think globally, act strategically, and contribute to the societies in which they operate.” Ivey believes in upholding the reputation that the school has been building since 1922. Because of that, in 2007 they started to do a pledging ceremony in which students agree to their role and responsibility to carry on the good name of Ivey and be an ambassador for all that it stands for. The students receive an individually numbered Ivey ring with this pledge as a symbol. Ivey is a big supporter of diversity. From faculty to students, they pride themselves in supporting different ethnicities, cultures, backgrounds, beliefs and sexual orientations. They actively seek out diverse faculty to provide students with an incredible learning experience from gifted and high-function members of faculty. Invey has cultivated a culture that is accepting and a safe space for members of the LGBTQ+ community, and have an LGBTQ student club. Ivey is also incredibly supportive of having women leaders and equipping them with the keys to success. They want to see powerful and successful business women out there in the world making a difference. Sustainability is also part of Ivey’s core beliefs. We only get one earth and Ivey believes in doing what we can to reduce our footprints and keep this earth healthy. They used sustainable building practices and created an amazingly green building for their school. Giving back and contributing to education is another big part of Ivey’s culture. Alumni stay connected with the school and give time, talent, or resources to the school because they have fostered a culture that believes in what the school does and stands for and once you’ve been through it, you cannot help but want to give back to the institution that brought you were you are in your career.


Ivey Business School Programs Ivey offers students world-class teaching and incredible learning experiences. Students have access to world-renowned faculty who are leading experts and will get to experience the Harvard-approved method of case-study learning. Graduates will face the world with confidence and will be well equipped with the leadership skills and business fundamentals that is going to make them an incredible candidate for whatever career path they’re choosing.


Ivey Business School - Programs - HBA Most of the business programs out there are going to give students very narrow specialization opportunities, and start you off in those specializations early. Ivey does things a little differently. The HBA program at Ivey is designed to provide all students with leadership skills and essentials that every manager out there needs to acquire. After your first HBA year, if you want to specialize in something, then Ivey does have you covered in that area. You won’t find the opportunity to explore such a vast number of different career paths in any other undergraduate business program like you can find with Ivey. They believe in equipping the future leaders in the business world with the essentials needed to take on any role, in any industry, anywhere on this great globe that you want to go. In the 2017 Employment Report for HBA graduates, Ivey had a 94% placement rate (in only three months!) for students who were looking for jobs. Of that 94%, 78% of them were school-facilitated job offers. The average starting salary of those students was $68,873. These new careers took place in 26 different industries, which goes to show that no matter what you want to do, Ivey’s HBA course can help you get there. They also found that of the 616 students in the 2017 class, 40% of those students were women! While it differs year to year, Ivey is able to award approximately $2.2 million in scholarships and bursaries to their HBA students.


Ivey Business School - Programs - MBA This program is perfect for people who want to achieve career goals in less time. This is a 12-month program that focuses on real world, action-oriented, and practical learning experiences that can translate to the challenges and difficulties that students will face in real-world business. This program is rated as the top MBA program in canada and was in the top 10 Alumni Network on a global scale. They have over 24,500 alumni from this program in over 106 countries, which means that you’re going to be building global connections, finding incredible mentorship, and will create incredible friendships. The MBA program has smaller class sizes, which means that you’re going to be able to get to know all of your classmates, feel the strong ties of a tight-knit community, and will get more attention and time from the faculty. The placement rate for the MBA program is 91%. The average starting salary (including signing bonuses) is $103,560. The first six months of the program are spent creating the foundations of core knowledge and business fundamentals that are necessary for any business person. Some of those essential courses include communicating effectively, leading people and organizations, decision making with analytics, leveraging information technology and developing and executing strategies. After that students will transition into their career-focused electives. An optional part of this phase in the course is the option to participate in a study trip to China or South America, and the option to volunteer to teach/provide consultations about business in China or Eastern Europe. Students will also be participating in real-world projects in this half of the course where you can work with a real company on an issue and present your findings to that company. Throughout your entire 12 months, you’ll be connected with Career Advisors, as Career Management is woven throughout the program and is a big part of the MBA.

Executive MBA

Ivey Business School - Programs - Executive MBA So…MBA or EMBA?! Well, the Executive MBA is for mid-late career executives who are looking to accelerate their career and further develop their expertise and knowledge. This program is meant for people who have at least eight years of experience in their career. It’s designed to give you higher levels of success for your own career and for your organization. Since this program is meant for people who are already established, it’s meant to fit into an already busy lifestyle. It’s 15 months, but only 4 days a week, with approximately 25 hours for each week. The classes happen in the Toronto campus in the heart of the financial district, downtown. This program is divided into three terms. The first term (Leading and Thoughtful Analysis) is all about re-establishing the foundations of leadership and management and then building on them. The classes include: Winning through Marketing Management, Competing with Analytics, Information Systems, Leading, and Management Accounting and Control. The second term (Leading and Creating Value) is focuses on the foundations of operations, finance and change. The courses include operations, sustainability, entrepreneurship, managing financial resources, strategic analysis and action, and leading action and change. The third term (Leading Globally) combines what you learned in the first two terms and gets you thinking about them in a global context. This term has optional study trip at Silicon Valley or Mexico City. Courses include global environment of business, international strategic financial planning, global marketing planning, global strategy, and discovery expedition.

Accelerated MBA

Ivey Business School - Programs - Accelerated MBA The Accelerated MBA is for Ivey HBA graduates who want to also get their MBA. It’s a condensed eight month course that builds on the fundamentals you learned in HBA and helps you develop and hone your leadership abilities. By using case studies and real-world projects, students will be challenged in ways that simulate real struggles and issues that they will face in their careers, which will equip them with the problem-solving, analysis, and leadership skills that they’ll need to succeed. Just like the regular MBA, students will have the chance to participate in the optional study trip to China and South East Asia, or volunteer in China or Eastern Europe with teaching and business consulting. And they will also have access to Career Advisors throughout the course as part of the Career Management aspect of the MBA. Every student that applies for this program will be considered for scholarships and awards. Those scholarships and awards range from $5,000 to almost half of your tuition.

MSc in Management

Ivey Business School - Programs - MSc in Management The Master of Science in Management is a 16 month program for undergraduates with two options. You can head in the MSc in Management in Business Analytics route, or you can go the MSc In Management In International Business route. Either course is going to be an incredible experience with real-world case studies that will help students to develop incredible leadership skills and kick start their careers. Part of the MSc in Management course is an 8 week placement program where students will get the chance to investigate future career paths and have real work experiences in those fields. Business Analytics students will fine-tune their data-driven decision making skills and will get to have real-world experiences within the Ivey Analytics Lab. Students will learn about programming skills, risk analysis, and data analytics. This course has a 95% job placement rating and the average starting salary for those with this degree is $68,762. The International Business students will be learning in an incredibly diverse classroom. The real-world case studies will have an international focus, and students will get to take part in the Ivey Global Lab. This course has an 89% job placement rating (within the first three months after graduation), and the average starting salary is $62,135. The Ivey MSc is a direct-entry program requiring no previous full-time work experience. The program is designed to build on your previous undergraduate experience and prepare you for international career interests in an ever-evolving, multicultural business world.

Executive Education

Ivey Business School - Programs - Executive Education Executive Education is incredible management training that is offered in two different formats: Programs for Individuals and Teams, and Custom Programs for Organizations. The purpose of this education is to develop and strengthen business intelligence and leadership capabilities. For individuals and teams, there are over 20 programs available. Some of the programs included are: Women in Leadership, Strategic Leadership: Transform Your Business by Leveraging Disruption, Marketing: Understanding Your Consumer, Design Thinking: Driving Innovation, Crisis Preparation & Damage Control, Ivey First-Time Manager Program, and Finance for Non-Financial Professionals. Successful completion of these programs will earn you a digital artifact (which is basically like an online badge) that can be displayed on social media, electronic portfolios, websites, email signatures, and on professional networks. You’ll also receive a certificate of completion. Classes are set up to be engaging, hands on, and interactive experiences. You’ll be learning by doing and by using case studies. These classes are not about textbooks and lectures. You’re going to gain the confidence and knowledge that you’ll need in your career. For corporations, governments and non-profits, Ivey will design and execute a completely unique and customized development and training program, which will be tailored to what your company needs. They’ll either look at your existing or help you develop if you don’t a competency profile. They will incorporate your management team’s language throughout the process, will make sure that the executives are brought along in the process, and will help you select what assessment tools are best for you (or use yours, if you already have them established). You’ll be led by amazing faculty and will have dedicated program managers to keep the process organized and to support the client. Since Ivey believes in hands-on learning, that is what you’ll get. The program will be based on participation and is interactive.


Ivey Business School - Programs - PhD Getting your PhD in Business from Ivey is going to be an intense 4-5 years in a full-time research-based program. But once you’ve completed the program and received your PhD, you will have graduated from a top research university in the world. The program starts off with a statistic boot camp. Then, for the rest of the two years, students will be taking classes (statistics, method training, seminars, foundational courses), working on research, making presentations at conferences, writing for publications, and connecting with other like minded academics from other universities. Students then write a comprehensive exam at the end of the summer. Years 3+ is the time for working on and submitting your thesis. It’s also time when students are able to teach. Students will be mentored by faculty as they decide on and create their thesis proposal, as well as when they write their thesis paper.

Pre-Ivey Experiences

Ivey Business School 0 Programs - Pre-Ivey Experiences For those who want to have an Ivey experience before ever entering into a program with Ivey, there are plenty of incredible options. These options “give a taste” of the Ivey experience, to explore if it’s right for you.

Ivey Summer Leadership Program

For the high-achievers looking for new experiences, this is one that will challenge you and take your leadership skills to a whole new level. It’s a face-paced learning experience that includes hearing from incredible speakers, working with Ivey faculty, and team projects. It’s available for students going into grade 10, 11, and 12. It’s a nine day program that gives you a taste of what Ivey’s HBA is all about. Students will live like a university student by staying at Western’s Ontario Hall and eating and sleeping like a university student. Students will get to have on-site visits with different companies in London to get some hands-on learning. They will also participate in team building activities, and 2-day case competitions. It’s an incredible experience that will leave students with a hunger to excel and succeed.

High School Students at Ivey HBA

High school students who know that they want to attend the HBA program at Ivey can apply for the Advanced Entry Opportunity (AEO). Normally people apply for HBA after two years of University at Western (or another affiliated school). But exceptional high school students can have their future secured by getting into the AEO. Those with 90%+ average in Grade 12, have completed a mathematics course for university-bound students, and those who have shown incredible leadership in their community and extracurricular activities can apply for the AEO. They apply when they’re applying for their first year at Western. If accepted, they must maintain their AEO status through their first two years of university by keeping up their overall average and making sure to take the prerequisite courses to Business Administration.

Business Foundations Courses

For any full-time and part-time Western students in any faculty, Ivey’s Business Foundation courses are available to take! If any students are interested in learning about business, or for students who want to attend Ivey’s HBA program, then this is a great option for them. There are many courses available, which will help students to learn business fundamentals and sharpen their skills, and figure out if Business is the right course for them.

Ivey High School Case Competitions

For grade 11 students who are motivated and have an interest in exploring business, they have the chance to participate in an incredible competition. Students in the competition get placed into teams (randomly chosen) of 4+ students, all from other schools. They will get a run-through of a practice case and then will be given the best tips on how to approach case-studies. The teams will then be given a brand-new case study that they have never seen before. After the three hours, the teams will stand before a panel of judges and present their solution to the case. The teams will be narrowed down to the top 2-3. Those teams will get the chance to present their solutions again, in front of the entire group of participants and judges. The winning team is then announced.

Complimentary Cases for Secondary School Classrooms

Ivey is well known around the world and is revered for the Case-Study Method of learning. In fact, Ivey is a top publisher of business cases worldwide, coming in second only to Harvard. So Ivey has case studies available to secondary school teachers, absolutely free of charge, so that teachers can bring this revolutionary experience into the high school classroom.

Beyond Schooling

Ivey Business School Ivey is a business school, but it offers so much more than just a learning experience for students. Everyone and every company can benefit from the intense, hands-on learning that Ivey provides. Since Ivey’s goal is to develop leaders who think globally and strategically, that does not stop inside of the classroom. Ivey offers many options for professionals and businesses who wish to be the best leaders possible, to create an organization that will thrive, or need some real-world guidance. These are some of the options offered to businesses, teams, and/or individuals:

Corporate Retreats

Ivey Business School - Beyond Schooling - Corporate Retreats Corporate retreats can be amazing tools for your leadership and your organization. The Ivey Academy corporate retreat is going to give you next-level skills and problem-solving as you bond with your team over strategic issues that impact your organization. Everything is taken care of for you in this two and a half-day retreat. They’ll organize meals, speakers, sessions, and social/team-building time.You’ll be lead by an experienced and incredible management team. Ivey’s faculty rate among the top 10 around the globe, and their teaching methods and materials also sit among the best of the best in the world. The entire thing will be housed at The Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre, which gives businesses an incredible setting. The center is in a stunning manor that has 30 acres of incredibly beautiful landscape. It has 125 guest suites where you and your staff can stay, 14,000 square feet of event space that are meant to make the most out of every meeting, cycling trails, hiking trails, five different restaurants, a fitness centre, and a high-ropes team-building course. There is even free parking.

Executive Coaching

Ivey Business School - Beyond Schooling - Executive Coaching Ivey-certified coaches are experts in the industry and are available to be integrated into any team, organization or situation. They help to elevate performance, provide support to leaders, and reach full potential. Coaches are experts in mentoring skills, developing talent internally, creating succession plans that are effective, encouraging leadership and delegation skills, conflict management, strategic thinking, creating organizational culture that is thriving and resilient, and the challenges that the executive team may face.

Talent Assessment Tools

Ivey Business School - Beyond Schooling - Talent Assessment Tools Organizations need to have a clearly defined competency model to measure employees against in order to show the behaviors and skills required for success within a role or progress within the organization. It also helps organizations to hire and promote. You can create this through robust assessment tools. Organizations that use assessment tools have lower employee turnovers, increased engagement within their employees, more productivity, and higher success rates. These assessment tools are also useful for individuals to have self-awareness of strengths, weaknesses and personality nuances. Self-aware leaders can be empowered to make better choices and achieve better success. The assessment tools that they offer are: Leadership skills profile, leadership character insight assessment, mindful leadership training, simple succession planning workshop, multidimensional emotional intelligence assessment, the hogan personality inventory, the leadership wheel, and the sigmaraduis 360 assessment.

Learning & Develop Advisory and Instructional Design Services

Ivey Business School - Beyond Schooling - Learning & Develop Advisory and Instructional Design Services Are your organizations prepared to meet your long-term objectives? Is your organization set up for successful succession? The goal of this is to help your employees be prepared for their current roles, as well as helping to prepare them and develop their skills for possible future roles. They’ll start with assessing and analyzing your organization’s needs, they’ll help you define your organization’s values, and figure out what your organization’s deliberate culture should be. They’ll then help you figure out the leadership profiles of what your organization needs. Next, they will help to identify and develop potential employees. They’ll help you identify key competencies that your employees will need in order for your organization to be successful. Next, they’ll assess your employees to identify strengths and areas of opportunity for their development. Then they will help you with succession planning to create a pool of leadership talent that is prepared and willing to step up and assume roles once those roles are required. Lastly, career development, which includes coaching, mentoring, assessments, and job rotations.


Richard Ivey Building

Ivey Business School - Campuses - Richard Ivey Building Location: In the Medway Neighborhood on Western’s campus. Programs: HBA, MBA, MSc, PhD This building is more than just a 270,000 square foot educational building, it’s also a leader in green technologies. It cost more than $110 million to build, but it has achieved the Gold Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certification from the Canada Green Building Council. The building has 20 classrooms that can sit 50-75 students. It also has 52 breakout rooms, 36 staff meeting rooms, 9 conference rooms, 7 lounges, 8 open-concept work areas, and a 640 seat auditorium, as well as 112 faculty offices. It is a big building that has been thoughtfully planned out to meet the needs of all faculty, staff and students that are part of Ivey.

Green Technologies

Construction materials were made from renewable resources and 81% of the construction waste that would normally be sent to landfills were diverted from them through recycling, and other efforts. They structured the building in a way to eliminate water waste as much as possible. One of the ways that they did that is to create a system that uses rainwater to flush toilets. They also surrounded the campus with drought-resistant landscaping, which basically means that they’re not going to be wasting water by setting up and irrigation system to keep their landscapes looking good. Only environmentally friendly products are used for any kind of cleaning that happens within the building. Any of the materials such as pain, adhesives, carpeting, etc. were low-emitting materials to keep any possible volatile organic compounds out or at least to the bare minimum possible. Around 75% of the space uses daylighting, to give natural light to the areas to reduce the energy needed to be used within the building. In further ways to reduce energy cost/use they made the roofs to slope in order to collect rainwater which then gathers in the reflecting pool. As water evaporates from the pool it cools down the air outside, which then goes into the cooling system, already cooled off, which means that less energy will be used to cool it down. They also try to encourage green travel by offering better parking spots to those who carpool, lots of safe spots to keep your bike, and was built in a location that has multiple bus routes close by.

Tangerine Leadership Centre

Ivey Business School - Campuses - Tangerine Leadership Centre Location: In the heart of Toronto’s Financial District, in the Exchange Tower Programs: Executive Education, EMBA The Tangerine Leadership Centre is a state of the art facility that offers all of the amenities needed for business conferences, learning, breakout rooms, and more. The facility has two-tiered amphitheatre classrooms. They each can accommodate 65 people with comfortable ergonomic seating and wireless technology (including on-site support, in case it’s needed). There are also 9 breakout rooms that can accomodate 6-8 people each, and there is a beautiful and large reception area that can comfortably hold 100 people. This incredible executive teaching facility is designed to meet the needs of schooling and businesses.

Hong Kong Campus

Ivey Business School - Campuses - Hong Kong Campus Location: In the Cheng Yu Tung Management Institute, which is located in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Programs: Executive Education, EMBA, Case Teaching and Writing Workshops This state-of-the-art facility has two classrooms, equipped with all of the necessary technology required for a truly seamless and dynamic teaching experience, that can seat up to 100 people. It also has 11 breakout rooms, which can also be used for training purposes, seminars, as well as meetings. The classrooms overlook Hong Kong’s Central Business District, which is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking, and can inspire goals and dreams in the students.


The campus was opened in September of 1998 by Mr. Tung Chee Hwa, the ex-HKSAR Chief Executive. The Cheng Yu Tung Management Institute was created to honor Mr. Tung Chee Hwa’s father, who had an incredible love and commitment to education. The campus was founded with the support of many Ivey alumnus, as well as Dr. Henry Cheng, who is the leader of the New World Group.

Spencer Leadership Centre

Ivey Business School - Campuses - Spencer Leadership Centre Location: In the Masonville Neighborhood, just minutes from Western University and Ivey Business School. Programs: Executive Education, Ivey Academy The Spencer Leadership Centre is an incredibly beautiful estate that is housed in a Georgian manor. It boasts 30 stunning acres of parkland that is meticulously maintained. While it houses many of the Executive Education programs, it’s also a place for companies and organizations to book corporate retreats where their teams can participate in incredible learning experiences and team building exercises. It comes fully equipped with any and everything you could possibly want, such as three amphitheatres, cycling trails, hiking trails, a fitness centre, five dining rooms, 125 guest suits, a high-ropes team-building course, ample parking, and over 14,000 square feet of event space. It has even been rented for weddings, as it’s an unbelievably beautiful location.