What to Look for When Investing in Real Estate

  Real estate is one of the most popular forms of investment. People who purchase property often see it as an easy way to make a lot of money but that is a common misconception. Buying real estate is far more complex and should be thoroughly researched before monies are exchanged and contracts signed. While there is great potential to earn a profit, property investments are also a risky undertaking that should not be entered into without careful thought and planning.      Investment property is defined as residential, commercial or industrial real estate that is purchased for the purpose of making a profit. Gains can be made through rental income, resale equity, or both. The purchase can include land purchases with the intention of constructing buildings on it, derelict buildings that will be torn down to make way for new properties, and pre-existing structures that range from being in good condition, to fixer uppers, or somewhere in between.  Regardless of what or why buyers are considering the investment, buying realty property has its rewards but it also has its risks. Investing in property is not a short term or quick money-making venture. It is a long term financial undertaking that does not always reap immediate rewards. If you are considering any investment in residential, commercial, or industry realty, it is important to do your research first and create an investment plan. Before looking at real estate listings, you should know how much money you will need up front, what the operating and maintenance costs will be, the short and long term earning potential, and other income and expense commitments you will responsible for. If you are investing in property in another province or country, it is even more important to really look at your location and market before buying the place so you know exactly what you are getting into. Once you have a clear understanding of everything involved in real estate investing and you have the money saved to make an investment, you can start shopping. If you are new to the property investment industry, here are some things to look for when investing in real estate:   

Type of Property

    Investment real estate comes in several forms including land purchases, residential properties, commercial structures, and industrial spaces. Before shopping for your first investment, first choose what type of property you want to buy your reasons for choosing the space first. Knowing what kind of real estate you will be focusing on will help with the short and long term planning.  


    After you have decided on the type of property, it is time to look at the location of the place. A good location has a higher earnings potential, but a poorly situated lot is much riskier and will be more challenging to rent or resell. Whether you are buying real estate in your geographical area or outside your region or country, do your research first to see if the location is a good fit for the type and size of building you will be buying.


  Real estate is not a cheap venture so investors must have money first before they can enter the realty investing market. Investment property also has more restrictions, licensing requirements, regulations, and higher tax fees that do not apply to personal purchases. Before bidding on investment property, buyers must have a substantial down payment saved and the financial means to cover the maintenance and operating costs up front.  Therefore, before viewing any investment properties, it is important that you thoroughly analyse your budget first to make sure you can afford the lot.  

Short and Long Term Demands

  Real estate property is not a short term investment and should not be looked at as quick money maker. It is a long term venture that you could own for several years. Therefore, it is essential to consider the short and long term demands of the space you are looking at before buying the real estate. What might look like a good property investment now might not be a profitable space in a few years. Regardless of the type of investment property you are considering, do your research before buying the land to ensure it will meet your immediate and future money making goals.  

After Purchase Expenses

    There are many expenses to consider after you have purchased the property including operational bills, maintenance expenses, taxes, and repair bills.  These expenditures can range greatly in price depending on the type of building or acreage you have purchased. When viewing a listing and planning your next step, examine all the expenses you will be responsible for after you purchase the property. Buyers who fail to clearly examine all their expenses can quickly find themselves in a financially perilous position that they cannot afford.   

Profit Potential

People buy real estate with the intention of making a profit.  When you are looking for investment real estate, it is important to include in your research what the earnings potential could be after all the expenses have been covered. Once you have done the math, you will know if it is a good investment or not.  

Rate of Return

    Many people have the misconception that investing in real estate is guaranteed to inflate their bank accounts with high residual earnings. While the potential is there to make a lot of money on your investment property, there is also a risk that you could lose a considerable amount of money as well. Part of the profit potential planning includes your rate of return calculations. Before bidding on a listed property, calculate your monthly income and expenses to find out what your rate of return will be in the immediate and future timelines. Initially your rate of return (RoR) will be low, but that should improve over time. If the RoR looks bleak in the short and long term planning goals, you will have to decide if the property is worth buying.  

Tax Benefits and Breaks

    Whether you are looking at investing locally or buying property in another province or country, there are different tax obligations and breaks that you should be aware of first. When looking for the best real estate investment property investigate what tax benefits you are entitled to and the obligations you will be responsible for. Real estate investing is expensive, challenging, exciting, and rewarding. Whether you are buying a vacant lot, a residential rental unit, commercial buildings, or an industrial lot, there are numerous risks and benefits to consider. Understanding the market from a business standpoint, thoroughly researching your venture, and clearly outlining your investment plan before looking at current real estate listings will help you find the right investment property for your short and long term goals.  

What Impacts Will The New Marijuana Laws In Canada Have On Real Estate?

Image result for marijuana laws and real estate Cannabis has been legal in Canada for just over three months now. Even before Bill C-45, The Cannabis Act became law, many homeowners and real estate agents expressed concerns about the impact it would have on their home value. In fact, in a recent survey by Zoocasa, most Canadians polled felt that growing and using marijuana in a home will lower the value of the property. While each province and territory have developed their own policies regarding growing and using pot in public and private places, many questions and concerns still remain in about the impacts of cannabis in the real estate industry. To date, people are now legally allowed to use marijuana in their own homes. Restrictions about public usage varies from province and territory. While most regions have set restrictive guidelines on where people can smoke pot in public, Manitoba and Saskatchewan are currently the only two provinces that do not allow consumption of cannabis in any public area. Landlords and rental companies are also setting strict guidelines with many banning any use or plant cultivation in their rental units completely. Since Bill C-45 became law, the majority of home buyers, sellers, realty agents, landlords believe that marijuana will have a negative impact on the housing market. The main issues questioned included:

Pot Usage



While it is too soon to tell how cannabis usage will affect your property value, early surveys have shown that the majority of Canadians believe using pot in the comfort of your own home will adversely affect the home’s value. Of the Canadians asked, 64% felt smoking marijuana in your home would lower the total value while only 21% felt that home usage would not affect the realty valuation. The remaining people polled were neutral. The numbers differed slightly among those renting property. Forty-six percent of renters felt that marijuana use in the home would decrease its value while 33% felt that pot usage would not affect the rental property valuation in Canada.

Growing Marijuana Plants

Under the new law, Canadians can grow up to four plants in their home in most provinces and territories. When Canadians were asked whether or not they felt growing cannabis plants would affect the resale value of their property, the results depended greatly on the age of the person surveyed. Millennials were more lenient with their views. Only 38% felt growing plants inside the property would reduce its value. Baby boomers and Gen-X populations had far different views. Fifty-eight percent of the Generation X population and 59% of the boomers felt that home plant growth would lower their property value. Over half of the people surveyed (52%) would not consider buying a home if they knew pot plants had been cultivated in the property. Many potential home buyers are considered about the short and long term issues they will face buying a home that has been used to produce cannabis. Buying a home that has been used as a grow op can be costly to repair.

Insurance Coverage

Since Marijuana became legal in Canada, many insurance companies have added exclusion clauses in their policies to protect themselves from the cost of covering damage caused by using and growing marijuana. The smoke and odour from pot use can linger in homes and furnishings and cause health problems for new owners. Cleaning the interior of the place to eliminate the residue is pricey and not covered by house insurance. Growing plants in homes is also very risky. People who cultivate cannabis in their home are 24% more likely to have a house fire. There is also a greater chance the property will have electrical damage, moisture build-up, and mould issues. Growers are also at a higher risk of being burglarized. Most insurance companies are refusing to cover the costs of these damages if they are caused by pot usage. Before you buy or selling a home or condo, it is important to check with your insurance company and real estate agent first before you finalize the deal to make sure you are covered if damages occur to your home.

Cannabis Stores and Home Values

While it varies from territory to territory, all provinces are allowing pot shops to open in their cities. Despite the provincial and federal governments acceptance of marijuana stores, most Canadians surveyed expressed concerns about having a dispensary in their neighbourhood. Most felt that opening a pot shop in their community would lower their property values. Of the 1300 plus people surveyed, 42% felt that having a cannabis shop in their area would negatively impact their property’s value while 48% said having a dispensary in a neighbourhood would discourage them from purchasing a home. Now that Cannabis is legal in Canada, many political parties, industry leaders, and private sector consumers are left to deal with the impact that this new law will have on their personal and professional development. The real estate market is just one area seeing the adversity from this new law. Although Bill C-45 is still a relatively new law, many Canadians believe that the production, cultivation, and commercial sale of Marijuana will have a negative impacts on buying, selling, and renting residential properties. Home owners and real estate agents have many questions and concerns about the short and long term affects that cannabis legalization will have on the housing market. If you are considering buying or selling your home, it is important to talk to your real estate agent first about the Cannabis Act and how it will affect your property value.  

Reasons to Buy or Sell Real Estate in Winter

Now that the holidays are over, it is time to think ahead to the upcoming months. Many people are already planning on buying or selling a house in the new year. But while most realty prospects are looking ahead to the warmer, spring season to start their home shopping, winter should not be excluded from their house hunting plans. snow on house Like most industries, the real estate market goes through its peaks and lulls throughout the year. Spring and summer are unquestionably the busiest times. The majority of homeowners start listing their houses after the snow melts while cabin fevered shoppers are eager to get out and start looking for their next real estate investment. The best buy times are not always during the peak seasons. In fact, winter is a great, often overlooked time of year to think about buying or selling a house. For those seriously considering buying or selling property, there are many benefits to looking for your home during the winter months including:

Less Competition

cart racing There are far less competition right now, increasing your chances of getting the home you really want.  Fewer homeowners are selling a house during the cold time of year and equally fewer people are actively looking to buy a home. This is great for both buyers and sellers. Sellers do not have work as hard to make their home stand out among the other listings. Sellers have a better chance of getting their dream home without the worry of being outbid or overspending in a bidding war.

Realtors Work Harder for Their Clients

for sale sign Because the market typically slows during the cold time of year, real estate agents have a lot more time to spend with each client. Regardless whether their clients are buying or selling a house In the winter, your agent will work much harder to get you what you want. Realtors want the property sale just as much as the client so they will go the extra mile to see that your home is sold. Agents also put more effort into finding the right home for the eager buyer.

Competitive Pricing

value and price Right now it is a buyers market. Homes do not sell as quickly during the slow, colder season, so house hunters have a lot more negotiating power. They can offer a lower sold house price that meets their budget.  With fewer listings and clients actively looking, sellers must offer a fair and competitive price if they want to sell their home.

Serious Buyers and Sellers

moving day Summer is usually viewed as the best time to buy or sell a house because there are a lot more people on the market. However, despite the volume, many are window shoppers; they are more curious to see what is available and less interested in actually bidding on a property. Equally, there are plenty of homeowners that like test the waters to see if they can get a good offer on their property. During the winter season, both buyers and sellers are more serious in their intent.  Buyers list their property because they genuinely want or have to sell their home. Sellers want to buy home and look at listings with the intent of putting a bid on the property if it meets their needs.

Less Yard Work

digging in dirt During the growing season, homeowners must spend a considerable amount of time and money tending to the landscape and exterior of their homes to make them look as attractive as possible for potential buyers. However, at this time of year, the blanket of snow hides all the ground underneath so property owners have far less outdoor work to worry about.

Rising Interest Rates

raising interest rate The Bank of Canada(BoC) announced last year that they would be steadily raising interest rates to bring them to a more neutral range over the next couple of years. During the last 15 months, the rates have increased five consecutive times and the BoC has stated that they will continue to climb in the foreseeable future.  It is expected that the rates will increase anywhere between 2.50% to 3.50%.  While these numbers might not sound high, when it comes to buying real estate, the higher rates can easily add hundreds, even thousands of dollars more to your home’s price. For already indebted homeowners, these rate hikes will affect make it more difficult to buy a home and pay a mortgage. The rising interest rates will also have an effect on sold house prices. Some sellers could lose money on their investment well they sell their house. Knowing that the rates are only going to increase, now is the best time to buy a house. Securing a mortgage will only get harder as we head into the busier real estate season.

Regulations are Tightening

tight regulations To protect debt riddled Canadians from overspending on their real estate, provincial and federal government bodies have developed legislation to protect candidates when buying or selling property. These polices have made it more difficult for some home shoppers to buy their first home.  Buyers must now have more of a down payment saved before they can apply for a mortgage. Cautious banking institutes are also taking more precautions and establishing stricter guidelines for approving home loans. It is becoming more difficult for new home buyers to save enough money and get a mortgage. As the year progresses, it will become even more difficult to purchase property, especially for first time buyers.  Listing prices are often higher during the peak season and, with more people looking, there is less room to negotiate. Many house shoppers will not have the savings to put down on their dream home when the market is at its busiest. Buying or selling a house is never an easy, or quick process. Because it is one the biggest investments you will ever make, lot of planning, preparation, time, and saving must go into your venture. In the next few months, there will be a lot of for sale signs popping up as the industry gets ready for their busy spring and summer seasons. But for serious real estate investors, winter is one of the best buy times that is often overlooked. This slower, colder season offers greater opportunities to get the house you want at a price you can afford.

CAUTION: Safety Tips for Realtors

Realtors are one of the most vulnerable professionals. Agents work long hours, often well into the dark evening hours and are alone with strangers in vacant properties on a regular basis. While there are no stats on how many real estate agents are assaulted or killed every year in Canada, what is known is that violence against realty specialists is on the rise. As a real estate agent, you must incorporate strategies into your daily duties to ensure that you are safe in every environment. Whether it is meeting with a potential seller, showing buyers listed properties, or advertising your services, your personal safety must always be considered. Here are some of the most effective safety tips you should use while doing your job.

Meet Potential Clients in Public Places

Realtor Safety Tips: Meet in Public Places Your first meeting with any new client should always be in a public place. Invite them to your office for the initial consultation. If you have a home office, schedule your meeting at a popular coffee shop in a central area. For your own personal safety as well as the wellbeing of your family, never invite someone to your home.

Keep Files On Every Client

As part of your ongoing safety measures, it is important to create a hard file on every client. If something happens, the information you collect will make it easier to identify the person. Your records should include a personal information sheet that each client fills out during their initial consultation. There are many forms you can download online or you can create your own. It should also include copies of their government issued photo ID. Once you no longer need the clientele’s personal data, it is important to destroy the documents to keep their privacy safe.

Book Daytime Showings

Realtor Safety Tips: Daytime Bookings Although it is not always feasible, try to book most of your showings during the day. It is easier to see when the sun is out. If you must book after sunset, take extra safety precautions to make sure the entire home and area is well lit and all curtains are open before showing the home.

Follow the Ten Second Rule

As soon as you arrive for a scheduled appointment, use the ten second rule to assess the area for any safety issues. Spend ten seconds while sitting in your car to look at the home, the yard, fencing, garage, street, and neighbourhood. Once you step out of your car, take another ten seconds to look around to see who is in the area and take pictures if you feel you need to.  As you are approaching the property, use the same time span to look for issues in and around the property such as animals, people, and household hazards. When you first enter the building, spend your time looking for anything that could be a safety concern.

Follow Your Instincts ALWAYS

In many reported situations of violence against a realtor, the agent stated that they instinctively felt uncomfortable around their client before their meeting. These silent signals should never be ignored. If your gut feeling is telling you that the situation is not safe, follow your instincts ALWAYS. You have the right to cancel a scheduled appointment.

Vehicle Safety

As a regular practice, never share a vehicle with a client.  Arrive at the destination in separate vehicles, even if you will be showing the clientele multiple listings.  Park your vehicle in well lit areas on the street or somewhere where you cannot be blocked from leaving. While in the car, your doors should be locked at all times so no one can get into your vehicle. Keep your keys on you and easily accessible so you can quickly get to them if you need to.

Let Others Know Where You Are

When showing listings, as a safety precaution, someone should always know your whereabouts. Before going to any appointment make sure you let someone know where you are, who you are with, and what time your meeting is scheduled to begin and end. You can  give your schedule to a friend, family member, or colleague.

Use a Safe Word

Having a safe word is also important. Safe words are code that that are designed to alert your contacts that you danger without directly saying so in front of your client. For example, saying phrases like “I need the blue file”, I forgot my red jacket”, or “can you get my silver travel mug” are examples of safety phrases.

Stay Safe With Your Phone

Your cell phone is a great tool to help you stay safe. Most personal handheld devices have an emergency contact setup on the lock screen that you can access quickly if needed.  There are also different apps available to help realtors stay safe in isolated situations. PROtect is one app that is designed for real estate agents. This user-friendly application protects you by letting your designed circle of contacts know when you are in situations where your safety might be jeopardized. Once you have uploaded your contacts, you can set a timer for each appointment or preschedule your calendar meetings in the program. Once the timer goes off, you can notify your contacts that you are safe. If they do not hear from you, they will know something is wrong. The app also has a special help button feature where you can bypass the timer to alert your circle that you need immediate assistance. There are other apps available to help protect you from dangerous situations including Autumn Alert, Musketeer Safe, Gethomesafe, iWitness, Roar, and Feelsafe. Most are free and available on all apple and smart phone devices. Finding the right system for you will help ensure your safety during potential hazardous appointments.

Let The Client Lead

Stay safe when a client shows up to view a place by letting them lead the way. Walk behind them when touring a place and guide them to different areas using hand gestures. Never go into an area where you will be blocked in or cannot see properly. Clients can look at attics, lofts, and basements on their own.

Staying Safe During Open Houses

Open houses are popular events when selling a home. However, real estate agents have less control of who walks into the premises during the scheduled event. During the open house ask another realtor, your assistant, a friend, or family member to stay at the property with you. Having a buddy system will protect you from potentially dangerous moments. Prior to the showing, make sure the owner removes all potential hazards including sharp objects, personals photos and documents, pharmaceuticals, money, jewelry, technology, and other personal valuables. This will not only protect your client but the realtors from danger as well. After the open house or showing, always check all rooms and areas of the place first to make sure no one is still on the premises.

Take A Self Defense Course

Sometimes, despite all the precautions you take, there might be times when your safety and wellbeing are still at risk. Taking a self defense course can help you defend yourself until you can escape the situation. Many martial arts organizations, community centers and local schools hold self defense training programs.

Protect Yourself Online

Criminals use the internet frequently to find their victims. As real estate agents, you are at risk for identity theft, online scams, and letting would be predators know your whereabouts. Always use care when posting your own personal data and scheduled showings online. Some agents do not use their image on their promotional materials or website. Protect all your passwords, PINs, login information and personal accounts privately secured so they are not easily accessible to would be hackers. Because online scams are becoming more prevalent, it is important to stay on top of the latest online assaults. Equifax and other secure financial tracking companies offer services to protect your financial data and identity from fraud and theft.

Use Other Personal Safety Devices

There are different safety devices you can use to help protect yourself from harm. Whistles are simple and effective tools that can alert people in your immediate area that something is wrong. Body and dash cameras are becoming more common tools used by real estate professionals to ensure their wellbeing. A NIMB ring is another great accessory for realtors. This attractive piece of technologically designed jewelry has a panic button that can quickly alert first responders that you need immediate help and where you are. Having this or other stay safe tools will help protect you while you are on the job. As real estate agents, you face many unique hazards in your profession. To protect yourself from the increasing criminal activity, it is important to incorporate practices and tools into your daily duties so you can stay safe at all times and in every situation. 

How to Save on Your Energy Bill This Winter

How To Save on Your Energy Bill This Winter With the cost of living rising higher than the average pay rate, today’s budget-conscious homeowners are always looking for ways to save money on their energy bill. This time of year is especially more expensive because the cold temperatures force tenants to run their heating appliances. Getting a pricey utility bill is never pleasant, but during the holiday season, the additional expense adds to the mounting expenses and seasonal stress. There are some things about winter that we cannot control. Colder temperatures and shorter daylight hours are part of the season. But they do not have to over burden our household electricity usage. There are many ways to save money on your bills each month.  Developing these efficient energy conservation habits in your home can save you hundreds of dollars every year.

Setting Your Energy Efficient Thermostat

Save this Winter: Thermostat Energy efficient thermostats use less power and can be programmed to control your homes heating more efficiently than traditional setters. How you set you buildings temperature is also important. Many people still believe that lowering the ‘stats temperature when they go to bed or leave their home will save money but that simply is not true. If your structure’s interior cools down too much, the heating system will have use more energy to rewarm the place when you turn the temperature up later. Keeping a steady room condition will put less strain on your furnace.

Turning Out The Lights

The days are shorter during the winter season which means we spend more time in the dark. Keeping every room in the house lit is unnecessary and a real money waster. To lower your electricity bill, only turn on the lights you need and  get into the habit of turning off lamps when leaving a room. LED light bulbs also help you to save money because these eco-friendly bulbs require less power to run.

Use A Timer When Plugging In Your Car

When it is too cold outside, your vehicle needs to be plugged in to keep the block heater warm. But they do not need to be plugged in all night. By using a timer on your outside outlet, you can control the amount of power used to warm your auto without wasted electricity.  This will quickly save you money because you will be using less power for shorter time periods while still protecting your auto’s engine from freezing.

Seal Air Leaks

If you have not already found them, winter is a sure fire way to find all those unwanted leaks or small cracks around your windows and doors. These opening allow the heat to escape and cold air to get inside. Drafts will cool down your home very quickly, forcing your furnace to work harder to keep the temperature at your desired setting. Every unwanted household leak forces you to spend more to heat your home. Now that it is cold, go through all your rooms to look for the  drafty areas. Caulk all openings to create an air tight seal so the warmth stays in your place.

Use Energy Efficient Appliances

Appliances have different ratings depending on the amount of electricity needed to run the product. The less power needed to run the device, the higher their energy conservation ranking. Buying appliances with a high energy efficiency ranking will use a lot less power throughout your daily routines and lower your electric and heating bill.

Keep Vents Clear

Vents are required to keep unwanted air flowing out of the house but, if poorly maintained, they can also be an opening for cold air to rush into your place. Dryer vents are particularly vulnerable because they are lower to the ground and more prone to ice and snow blockages. Check your vents to make sure they are not cracked, frozen open, or blocked by the outside elements. Clear snow and ice to keep the ventilations from breaking and replace any damaged ones during the warmer weather months so unwanted cold air does not get into your home and overwork your furnace.

Replace Furnace Filters

Dirty filters force your furnace to work harder during the cold season. Before winter arrives, check and replace all filters so your heating appliances are working at their optimal best. During the colder months, check the filters monthly to make sure they are clean and have extras in your home so you can easily replace worn filters.

Insulate Everything

Everything has to work harder when it is cold. Water tanks, furnaces, automobiles, and even interior appliances feel the strain of the dropping temperatures. Good insulation will keep your home, pipes, and appliances at a comfortable temp so they can function efficiently. Energy conservation insulation in your walls, and attic will help retain the heat inside your home. Wrapping your pipes with insulation tubing will protect them from rupturing from frozen water trapped inside. Basement, attached garages, and other attached rooms should be insulated to prevent cold air from leaking into your home. Wrapping your water tank in an insulated covering will use less electricity to warm the water and save you money.

Holiday Displays

The holidays are a popular time to decorate the interior and exterior of your home. While the festive light displays look beautiful, they add considerable strain your home’s electricity. If you like to put the pretty lights on your house, you can save money by using LED lights for both inside and outside decorations, and limit the time you light the displays by setting them on a timer. Even turning the lights off a few minutes earlier each night will add up to big savings at the end of the month.

Open the Curtains

When the sun is shining, let it in. The temperatures might be cold outside but the warm sun will still heat the interior of your home naturally so your furnace will not run as frequently to keep your place cozy. Today, homeowners are becoming savvy with energy conservation by finding effective money saving tips in their home. Winter is especially challenging because the colder, snowier season forces property owners to use more electricity to keep their place and appliances warm and in good working condition. Developing effective energy conservation habits to save electricity will help lower your utility bills this winter and keep your hard earned money in your pocket.

Ballymote Woods

Ballymote Woods The north end of London has been booming for the last few years. Builders and developers have noticed the potential and are creating incredible communities that are close to the city’s plentiful amenities and are created with healthy living in mind. That’s one of the benefits of buying a new home within a newer development. We’ve learned more and more about what makes for better, healthier, more satisfied, and more convenient living in communities and developers are putting all of that knowledge into creating truly satisfying neighborhoods to live in. Sifton Properties Limited has done that with Ballymote Woods. Located in the Stoney Creek neighborhood, Ballymote Woods is a desirable location for young and growing families. It’s far enough North, and has beautiful protected green space around it, that it feels like you’re away from the stress and worries of the city, but it’s located in an area that makes getting across the city a breeze. It’s close to amenities. It’s also close to elementary and secondary schools. Ballymote Woods It’s an absolutely beautiful neighborhood, both in terms of the aesthetically pleasing curb appeal that lines the street views and in terms of the gorgeous nature that surrounds the area. If you’re looking for a place to set up deep roots for you and your family, then head over to Ballymote Woods to see if one of these gorgeous houses is going to be the absolute perfect place for you to call home.


If you’re wondering where you should start a family or if you’re looking for a place to set up strong roots for your young or growing family, then you’ll want to consider Ballymote Woods. It’s located north of Sunningdale right in between Highbury and Adelaide, which means that it is quite far North. So let’s take a look at all of the reasons why it would be such a great option for young,new and growing families. This location is prime for easy access to get outside of the city, which means that summer cottage getaways are that much more enjoyable when you’re not fighting traffic to get through the city at the start of your vacation. Since it’s located on the top north of London, Ballymote Wood’s location is also great for getting into the city easily, but is far enough away from the busy city streets and noise that you can raise your family in a peaceful and friendly neighborhood. Ballymote Woods: Location We all know how important living healthy lifestyles is, but often city living doesn’t encourage active life choices. Ballymote Woods is such an amazing choice for those who want to pursue an active lifestyle for yourself and your family. There are multiple parks and walking paths close by, so being active outdoors for parents and kids alike is going to be a no-brainer. Both the Llyndinshire Golf and Country Club and the Sunningdale Golf and Country Club are super close, so enjoying the great outdoors while also being active is right there waiting for you every chance that you get. Ballymote Woods also could not be closer to the incredible Stoney Creek YMCA. The Stoney Creek YMCA has great programs for adults, kids, and youth alike. The YMCA has amazing programs that are designed to keep you living a healthy and active lifestyle. They have incredible fitness programs such as Boot Camp, Cycling, Yoga, water workouts, group workouts, and programs specifically designed to help you lose weight. They also have programs that help you learn how to create and eat healthy and delicious foods! For those who enjoy the one on one experience of personal training, the YMCA has amazing and dedicated personal trainers who help you get results. There are also a lot of recreational activities at the YMCA such as ping pong, badminton, basketball, line dancing and even volleyball! For youths, they have an open gym time, Teen Nights, and youth sports games like soccer and basketball. For young children the YMCA has every such as creative play, gym play, sports leagues, swimming, and even child care! Ballymote Woods: Location Living a healthy lifestyle within a city also means being close to greenspace. Greenspace is good for giving you cleaner air to breathe, and it also helps to reduce anxiety and stress. Greenspace has been associated with having good heart health as well as helping to increase creative and problem solving abilities. Ballymote Woods is surrounded by forested areas with beautiful large trees, fields, and farms. Of course if you’re going to be looking for a place to raise a family, you’re going to have schools on your mind. Ballymore is close to multiple catholic and public schools for the convenience of your family. There is also a pharmacy and a dental clinic right there within the Ballymote Woods community, so you know that your family’s needs are going to be well taken care of in this area. Of course one of the greatest perks living in the city is the modern conveniences, entertainment, and amenities offered. Ballymote Woods is located near multiple great shopping locations including the Stoneybrook Shopping Plaza. You’re going to have amazing restaurants, take out, and delivery all close to home, making those days when you just don’t have the time and energy to cook a breeze. All of your errands and home necessities are close by and easy to get with the close-by shopping centers. And, of course, retail therapy is easy and convenient in these great new shopping plazas that are popping up in the North end of London. When it comes to location, Ballymote Woods is an excellent choice for people who are looking to set up deep roots for their new or growing family. It has an amazing balance of modern conveniences, healthy active and social lifestyles, and the beauty and restorative power of green space.

The Homes

Ballymote Woods is the epitome of a new home community. Beautifully classic and modern exteriors of these new homes give you incredible street views in your neighborhood. Your neighborhood is intelligently laid out. Stunning stone, beautiful windows, soaring front entrances, and modern doors will give the homes in Ballymote Woods incredible curb appeal. Within this family-friendly neighborhood is single family homes and condos. They start within the high $300s and go to the high $600s. There are 40 and 50 foot lots and come in bungalow, one and a half, and two story home designs. Ballymote Woods: The Homes Of course each home will vary depending on the builder, the floorplan, the number of stories and bedrooms, but within Ballymote Woods, whatever home you end up choosing, you’re going to get an impressively wonderful new build. Here are some of the incredible features that you can expect to find within these homes:
  • Many of the lots back onto trees, giving you incredible views and wonderful shade in your backyard in the summertime.
  • Beautiful open concepts in these new homes make entertaining a breeze and help keep your family connected throughout the evening. On top of that, for families with young kids, making meals in an open concept kitchen means that you’re still able to keep an eye on the kids while you cook without needing to have them in the kitchen (and underfoot) with you.
  • High end quality finishes such as hardwood floors, quartz, granite and marble countertops, soft-close cabinetry, beautifully modern hardware, and eye-catching light fixtures are all part of what makes these new homes absolutely luxurious.
  • Grand entrances with sky-high ceilings give your home that jaw-dropping wow factor when you step inside.
  • Conveniently located washer and dryer space means no more lugging full laundry baskets to the basement and back again throughout the week.
  • Thoughtfully designed floor plans with mudroom and panteries added means convenience for your lifestyle and a way to keep your home looking beautiful and clean so that you can relax and enjoy it.
  • Stunning master ensuites with soaker tubs and beautiful glass showers give you a place to retreat to after a long and hard day.
  • Large walk-in closets and his and hers closets will keep your mornings organized and efficient.

Why Choose A New Home Build?

When it comes to buying your house, there are so many factors to consider. One of those factors is if you go with a new home, or buy something older in a well established neighborhood. There are pros and cons to both options, but let’s take a look at why choosing a new home build might be the best possible choice for you and your family. One of the first reasons has to do with the fact that a new home build is…well, new. When you buy an older home you always have to take into consideration the possibility that you might have some large repairs or maintenance in your near future. Roofs only last for so long. Older windows are not created as energy efficient so you might have a bunch of window replacement to do shorty after moving in. And general wear and tear through the many years and many homeowners means makes for minor repairs and upgrades in older homes. With a new home, you know that you won’t have any major repairs to do in the near future. It’s also easier to maintain a new home, which means you’ll be doing repairs and upkeep a lot less often in a new home. Ballymote Woods: New Homes Another big factor to consider is the fact that we have made a LOT of advances when it comes to green technologies in building new homes. New homes are built to be energy efficient, which means both that you pay less in your energy bills each month, and also that it reduces the total impact on our earth. Not only that, but many builders are adopting sustainable building techniques that are much better for our earth. We can all do our part when it comes to creating a more sustainable world. You know that saying, “they don’t build them like they used to”? Well, that is incredibly true, and it’s an incredibly GOOD thing. We’ve learned a lot over the years and we’ve gotten a lot safer in the construction of homes. There are some old homes that have wiring that we no longer consider standard practice when building a home because we know better and safer ways now. New homes are being built to a higher standard of quality these days. Builders are upping their game and the building codes that they have to follow are also being upped as we learn more and more about the construction industry. Ballymote Woods: New Homes New homes are also now being built with livability in mind. We now know what the ideal set up is for kitchens. We no longer stick laundry, a chore that needs to be done at least once a week, down in the basement where it’s inconvenient to lug heavy laundry baskets down and back up. We no longer build houses with lots of tiny rooms and nooks and crannies because we know that open concept gives you a ton of air and light and allows you to still be connected with your family while you make dinner or allows you to entertain people without being cut off from the fun while you’re in the kitchen getting drinks and food. Lastly, while there is something very charming and “I think I might find a secret entrance to Narnia” in older homes, nothing quite compares to incredible aesthetics of new home builds. Luxury and high end finishes no longer cost you an arm and a leg. Plus, suppliers are finding durable and beautiful alternatives to things like marble countertops and hardwood flooring, which means that builders are able to create beautiful homes at a lower cost to the buyer. With new homes you really can have durability and beauty all within your budget. Ballymote Woods What do you think of Ballymote Woods? Are you all for new home builds? Or do you wish that London would stop expanding? Would you want to live in a location like this? Whatever your thoughts are, we want to hear them! Click one of the social media links below and give us your opinions, whatever they are!