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In a conversation with some friends, Matt discovered the general perception of London, Ontario is kind of lame. Most Londoners seem to think their city is a sleepy little town moving at a snail’s pace with nothing going on. But this couldn’t be more wrong! London is booming with amazing restaurants, services, and stores. At nearly half a million citizens, London is anything but a small town and Londoners are anything but sleepy. The entrepreneurial spirit is strong in London and it’s only growing stronger as Londoners get more and more ambitious. From sustainable retail stores to vegan pizza, local brands are quickly growing in popularity and becoming London mainstays. With this in mind, Matt and his team set out to scour the city for the best, the most unique, and the most intriguing entrepreneurs to share their story, products, and services that so many Londoners are apparently missing out on. London has a ton to offer and Matt wants to shed some light on these exceptional businesses week by week.
The Duck & Dodo

Duck & Dodo

Not just an antique market, nor just an artisan shop - The Duck & Dodo is a hybrid of the two. read more



Ever wanted to match
your pet? Now you can with apparel for you and your pet from SF&Co. read more

Snipe Academy


Perfect your slap
shot at London's
premier indoor hockey
training facility! read more

Forest City Sport and Social Club

Forest City Sport and Social Club

From golf, to innertube water polo, to book club, FCSSC has something for everyone. read more

TobogganBrewing Company

Brewing Company

Grab a bite, watch the game, or have a family dinner while enjoying a
craft brew. read more

Rebirth Wellness Centre

Rebirth Wellness Centre

A gathering place for mothers and children, rebirth provides wellness for the whole family. read more

For The Love of Laundry

For The Love of Laundry

Give back to the
community and save the environment while doing your laundry. read more

The FritterShop

The Fritter

These Dutch fritters are perfect for any occasion, and unlike anything you have ever tried! read more

Lunah Celestial Apothecary

Lunah Celestial Apothecary

You've got to check out these all natural skin care products that incorporate the lunar cycle. read more

Anderson Craft Ales

Anderson Craft Ales

Learn how Gavin Anderson turned his hobby of brewing delicious beer into a lifestyle. read more



Actual healthy pizza that tastes great and makes you feel good!
Ya, you read that right. read more

London Float Therapy

London Float Therapy

London's first float clinic! Experience the dead
sea in London in sensory deprivation tanks. read more

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