They started with bread, but now offer so much more! From pastries to crossiants to cookies and sticky buns, they’re sure to have something for everyone. They’re not only super healthy, but SUPER delicious! You have to try it to believe it.  
Rows of fresh baked French croissants ready to be sold


  This week we visited Richard Placzek, founder and owner of The Whole Grain Hearth. They aren’t your regular bakery, they are dedicated to providing their customers with the healthiest and most digestible bread possible. They are able to do this with their traditional techniques, high-hydration, and freshly milled organic grains. Breaking down the science is extremely important when baking properly. In the 1800’s when milling was introduced to the world we began removing certain parts of the kernel of wheat. Losing the fibre and germ is what led to all-purpose white flour. But due to this common practise, many nutritional benefits were lost. Thankfully, The Whole Grain Hearth mills their own flour to maximize all the nutritional benefits. Nutrients such as, fiber, magnesium, riboflavin, thiamine, all still remain in the flour.   Don’t worry, we’ll tell you where you can purchase some of the best baked bread and pastries possible! They are constantly growing but below is where you can find their products.   Locations – Their bakery (958 Leathorne St #3, London, ON N5Z 3M5) – Lyn-Dys Organic Health Food – Booch Organic Kombucha – Jill’s Table – Storm Stayed Brewing Company – Black Trumpet Restaurant – Backroads Coffeehouse & Cakery Inc. – Zen’Za Pizzeria – Jaydancin & Zoe’s Market Place Bakery ingredients and tools over rustic wooden table. Dark and brown colors. Homemade style. Top view and space for text


Contact The Whole Grain Hearth

Address: 958 Leathorne Street, Unit 3, London, ON, N5Z 3M5 Phone: (519) 719-7355 Website: Email: Facebook: Instagram: