Baby Be Mine LogoMeet Suzanne Toth, supermom and owner/operator of Baby Be Mine, a line of bath products that are all natural, organic, and safe for both mom and baby!

Suzanne Toth of Baby Be Mine Baby Be Mine began during Suzanne’s first pregnancy, Owen, as a quest for non-toxic products for herself and her baby. By the time her second, Ella, was on the way, her skincare routine was drastically different than during her first pregnancy. Her secret ingredient was coconut oil. On top of being a healthy cooking alternative, coconut oil is a fantastic moisturizer. Suzanne barely had to use anything else. One of her favourite things to do with the oil was to put it in her baths. When she stepped out, her skin was so soft that she didn’t need to apply anything else! This is where the root of the company began. Baby Be Mine Natural Coconut Bath was her first product. Coconut oil, optionally mixed with either lavender or hibiscus essential oils to make your bath luxurious, moisturizing, and relaxing for all of your senses. All of the oils Suzanne uses are organic and natural, so you can be safe in the knowledge that no strange, un-pronouncable chemicals are making their way into your bath. Baby Be Mine Natural Coconut Bath is safe to use during pregnancy, with your baby or just when you need a moment to relax. Use a full tablespoon of the oils for a relaxing, rejuvenating bath for adults, or a half tablespoon to keep your baby’s skin as smooth as, well, a baby’s bottom as the saying goes. The Baby Be Mine repertoire has recently expanded to include gift boxes, which include a jar of your preferred bath oil scent and tried petals from the relevant flower (or rose petals for the unscented oil) to enhance the spa-like experience. She has also added a small line of Turkish bath towels that are on pre-order now! You can pick up Baby Be Mine products on their website, or in-store at Purdy Natural, The OVer Collective, and Cheeky Monkey‘s London locations! You can also find Baby Be Mine at stores in Sarnia, Toronto, and Vancouver! Baby Be Mine Coconut Bath

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