Whether you want to make a great first impression at a job interview, have a wedding to attend, or you simply love fashion, these are the spots for you to go to get some fabulous menswear!

Joseph’s Clothiers

Neighbourhood: SoHo 194 Wellington St. (map)
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Best Menswear in London - Joseph's Joseph’s Clothiers is a London landmark for men’s fashion. The doors opened in 1957, over half a century ago, and ever since they’ve been making the men of London look more dignified, stylish, and confident. At Joseph’s, you can rent a suit for an event, get your favourite one tailored, or even have a brand new one custom-made! They carry a whole array of brands from 7 Downie Street to Wurkin Stiffs. Bespoke garments are made-to-measure featuring top designers and quality craftsmanship, there’s nothing quite like owning a suit that was stitched together just for you. Once your suit is sorted, you’ll be able to find any accessory you need to complete the look. Ties, pocket squares, lapel pins, socks, wallets, cuff links, and so many more all at your fingertips at Joseph’s. Other services include dry cleaning and in-home wardrobe consultation – just like What Not to Wear on TLC but less tragically unfashionable! The folks at Joseph’s Clothiers are dedicated to making your whole wardrobe the best it can be, even if you didn’t buy it from them. Our very own Santa even met with the owner-operators, Jeff Da Costa and Jason Cabrel, to talk shop for a #BusinessOfTheWeek – check it out here. They’re passionate, intelligent, and undoubtedly have a keen eye for style. With these two at the lead, Joseph’s is Fashion has definitely changed over the last fifty years, and Joseph’s has evolved with it to keep on offering modern, on-trend, quality clothing to the men of London. No matter the occasion, Joseph’s Clothiers has something stylish for you to wear.

Collins Formal Wear

Neighbourhood: Glen Cairn 297 Adelaide St. S (map)
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Best Menswear in London - Collins Formal Wear If you’re looking to exceed expectations at your next big event, look no further than Collins Formal Wear. Blow the minds of every other attendee with the fantastic suit you got from Collins. Whether you’re renting or buying, Collins Formal Wear will give you the absolute best. They only carry the most luxurious fabrics and have exclusive styles from brands you know and love. Ralph Lauren? You bet! Jean Yves? Indeed! Ike Behar? You’d better believe it! If you think you may fall in love with your perfectly-fitting suit, then you should definitely try out the Love It or Lease It program. Collins has introduced a line of suits in five colours that you can either rent or buy. But the catch is if you’re renting and if the idea of returning it breaks your heart, let them know and you can keep it. It’s the perfect plan for wedding parties, since you’re guaranteed to have all the suits match perfectly! Beyond just suits, Collins also offers premium casual clothing. So, if the shindig you’re headed to is less black tie, more jeans and a polo, you don’t have to fret looking for something that looks great but still suits the vibe. Collins even custom prints t-shirts, so you can get your bachelor party garb and your wedding suits at the same spot!   Collins Formal Wear even suited up Santa and the Manbun for the Logan Couture Charity Casino Night last summer. They were looking sharp as can be and couldn’t stop giving glowing reviews of the style choices and the fitting experience. Wherever you’re headed, Collins Formal Wear has the perfect outfit for you. From a formal tux to a modern suit, and even custom-printed tees, there’s only one destination: Collins Formal Wear!

Channer’s Mens Ladies Apparel

Neighbourhood: Downtown London 581 Wonderland Rd. S (map)
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Best Menswear in London - Channer's Channer’s is a family affair and has been since it formed in 1997. Formerly found in the Westmount Shopping Centre. Legends in the realms of both men’s and women’s fashion, Channer’s is a must-visit store if you’re looking to revamp your wardrobe. With dozens of luxury brands offered, Channer’s has you covered from A to Z. Literally, AG Jeans to Z Zegna and a great many brands in between! Each brand has its own personality, style and flair, but you can rest assured that they’re all fantastic quality and design. If you love a garment but it doesn’t quite fit, don’t fret! Their expert tailors can cinch, seam, and modify any piece to fit your body perfectly. Tailoring is complimentary on all regularly priced men’s and women’s fashion! Or if you want complete creative control, you can order a made-to-measure garment! Choose your fabric, pattern, and styling and their team will bring it to life with a perfect fit. Channer’s offers everything that you could possibly desire from the world of fashion. Bespoke garments, premium accessories, and fantastic service!

David E. White

Neighbourhood: Downtown London 171 Queens Ave. (map)
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Best Menswear in London - David E White Located in the heart of downtown, David E. White is easily one of the greatest tailoring and menswear shops in the city. They go above and beyond, creating custom pieces that are truly perfect. David E. White carries everything from tuxedos to swim trunks, all of it top quality material and craftsmanship. They’ve got you covered for any day of your life, whether it’s a trip to a beach, a day in the office, or a dinner with the in-laws. Whatever your day has in store, David E. White will have you looking sharp and ready to conquer anything. If you’re going with custom, there are three levels of trailoring at David E. White. A “signature” suit is wonderful and will fit you perfectly. It may be the lowest tier, but it’s still a damn fine suit! A “platinum” suit offers a little more customization, including finishing touches done by hand. The top level is a “bespoke” suit. Going with this means your suit will be truly one of a kind, a real masterpiece. Bespoke garments take multiple fittings and at least eight weeks of production to get you your suit, so plan ahead! At David E. White, they know it’s not only about the clothes to look good. As such, they also have a barbershop so when you walk out, you’ll look as fresh as can be. New haircut, new suit, new you! They also sell all the tools so you can give yourself a fantastic shave in the comfort of your own home. If your appearance is a priority, then a visit to David E. White is absolutely in order. They’ll get you looking your best in no time, from the hair on your head to the shoes on your feet and everything in between!

Tyner-Shorten Clothiers

Neighbourhood: Northridge 1152 Fanshawe Park Rd. E (map)
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Best Menswear in London - Tyner-Shorten Tyner-Shorten is practically in the north-east corner of the city, but it’s worth the trip for clothing of this quality. The shop appears to be a cross between a golf clubhouse and a luxury bungalow, giving it an extra air of extravagance and sophistication. Within the store, you’ll find a fantastic selection of menswear that is stylish and attractive. There are several lines for both casual and business scenarios. From alpaca sweaters to Italian suits, there’s anything a man could wear when he wants to look good. On top of carrying amazing brands, they also have their own! Originally designed by Jack Victor for Tyner-Shorten’s 50th anniversary in business, the line has since expanded to offer a wide range of suits, blazers, suits, ties, and accessories. The whole line is a perfect balance of classic and modern based on over half a century of experience working in men’s fashion. Completely unique and only found in their store, the Tyner-Shorten brand is as gorgeous as they are exclusive. Everything you buy at Tyner-Shorten feels special and bespoke. Even if you got it off the rack with minor tailoring, it has the feel of something that was made especially for you. Absolutely worth checking out next time you’re in the market for a suit.

Richard’s Clothing

Neighbourhood: Downtown London 57 York St. (map)
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Best Menswear in London - Richard's Richard’s Clothing is dedicated to bringing bold, powerful male fashion to Londoners from their store in downtown London. Just opened in 2017 by the eponymous Richard Musah, they promise to only offer the best of the best. Richard’s has wonderful suits, stylish coats and jackets, and shirts with fun prints that will catch the eye of anyone you pass. The brands offered in the shop are handpicked and have Richard’s own seal of approval – Bertoni of Denmark, Patrick Assaraf, and Beltopia just to name a few. Not sure what you’re looking for? Don’t worry, everyone working at Richard’s are style geniuses and as friendly as can be. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations if you’re feeling a bit lost. They believe that every garment should be as functional as it is fashionable, meaning you don’t have to worry about uncomfortable fits or easily-torn seams. The fashion at Richards is durable, comfortable, and stylish – a difficult trifecta to achieve. Richard’s may not have the longest track record, but they’re off to a strong start. In under two years, they’ve cultivated quite a reputation for quality fashion. Your next suit should unquestionably come from Richard’s!