One of the more popular and time tested trends in the real estate market has been condo and apartment living. Many property owners find condominiums much more affordable and less stressful to maintain than bigger houses. However, living in a smaller space creates unique challenges in home organization because, unlike home ownership, apartment style abodes have far less available space to hold your belongings. Whether you rent or buy your flat, most units are not designed to hold a lot of furniture or personal belongings, so apartment dwellers must be innovative when designing their place. Because storage is often a challenge, their décor must provide ample solutions while still creating a visually appealing and comfortable living space. For those moving into a condo or apartment, there are many ways to design your home so it looks stylish, comfortable, clean, but is also functional. These simple space saving tips can help you maximize your home organization so you can utilize all your available space wisely without your rooms looking cluttered or messy.

Use Creativity to Separate Rooms

While an open floor concept can make your area look bigger, it can also show visitors more than what you want them to see. In smaller places, open floor plans also reduce privacy, feel confining, and take away from the aesthetics of a room. One disorganized space can make the whole area look unkempt and differing design schemes from one section to the next can quickly clash. To solve these issues, you can separate your rooms with permanent or temporary structures. Premade room dividers, recycled window panel made walls, oversized mirrors, and hanging curtains can be used to separate one area from the next while adding to your layout and design. Barn doors, folding doors, and moveable walls are also great accessories that quickly and easily divide your space when needed.

Utilize Wall Space

Walls are empty canvases that can be easily used for extra storage. By installing shelves, hanging cabinets, or hooks to your flat vertical surfaces, you can add more space saving furniture and accessories to your living space. Shelves are not only great for holding your knick knacks, books, and collectables, but they can also be used as a temporary eating area or desk top.

Use the Upper Level

Floor space is often limited in apartments and condominiums, but ceiling space is not. There is just as much space in the upper half of your home as in the floor section. Rather than trying to place everything on your floor area, use the upper space as well. You can do this by elevating your sleeping area, creating upper storage space and installing hanging rods to increase your top half. Condo owners can build elevated sleeping areas or buying bunk style bedroom furniture so they can use the space under the bed as an office or sitting area. Elevated permanent horizontal wall sections and cupboards can also be built into the upper level of your home to add extra storage space so seasonal, holiday and non-essential materials can be stored neatly and conveniently.

Functional Furniture

Many furniture companies are meeting the demands of their consumers by designing attractive furniture for small spaces so living areas can look beautiful while meeting the unique storage solution needs of each tenant. Tables, bed frames, desks, cabinets, and entertainment units are made to give your home style while providing a multi-functional, space saving purpose. Other furnishings such as hide-a-beds, folding sofas, fold-out tables, chests, storage bin chairs and trolleys are designed to convert your space into a dual purpose area to help you maximize your space while keeping the area clean and organized.  With the multitude of designer furniture available for small spaces, apartment renters can easily find affordable, space saving furnishings for every room or area.

Strategic Furniture Placement

The layout and design of your home can completely change the look and purpose of your area. Strategically planning the layout of your room impacts your home organization by creating a versatile, trend-setting, and highly functional living space. For example, TV’s mounted on a stand can act as a divider between two adjoining areas. Entertainment units can divide one large section into two separate rooms while creating a sophisticated, visually appealing frame for your audio visual equipment. Moveable work stations can be relocated to different areas; opening one area while serving your purpose in another.

Using Leg Lifts and Other Accessories

Many accessories have been designed to improve your home’s organization without taking away from the layout of your area. If you already have your own furniture and do not want to replace it or buy more, there are many accessories you can get to help increase your storage space ideas while maintaining the cleanliness and organization of your apartment. Leg lifts are cost-effective tools used to raise beds so you have more room underneath to store your things. Totes and baskets are attractive accessories that give you places to put your stuff when you are not using it. Multi and space saving hangars give you more room in your closet while keeping your clothes wrinkle free and wear ready. Table extensions add length when you have more people over, while fold-down sofa shelves can act as an extra table or counter top when you need more surface space. Adding wheels to your table or carts make them easy to move so you can use them in different areas of your home. Ladders are not just for construction projects and home maintenance jobs. They are also trendy, space saving accessories that can be used to hold your items while enhancing the look of your area. Place a ladder behind your bathroom or kitchen door to hold extra towels. Lean one along your living area wall to hold your extra blankets.

Stainless Steel Walls

Stainless steel appliances are clean, sophisticated, and enhance the look of your kitchen or laundry area. But you can also add to this same look of your wall space by installing stainless steel panels. Steel wall sheets look great in kitchens, laundry areas, work stations, and bedrooms but they also give your more space saving storage ideas for your belongings. You can create a dynamic look in your condo by adding metal panels to one area and attaching magnetic storage containers. This feature works superbly in kitchens and other rooms where counter and cabinet space is limited.

Hanging Rods

Many commercial kitchens have hanging rods above their appliances to store their pots, utensils, glasses, and other cookware so they are not taking up space on the counter or in the cupboards. You can add this same look to your small space for extra storage ideas. Hanging rods in different rooms of your home such as the kitchen, entranceway or bedroom will give you extra room to place your belongings while complimenting your décor.   Today, many people are simplifying their life by choosing to live in apartments or condominiums. While there is less work and stress involved in smaller home ownership, there is also less space available. To meet this growing demand, companies are designing attractive yet functional furniture for small spaces so condo  owners can design a comfortable, stylish and functional home.