Meet Santa

Meet Matt (Santa):

Matthew Santagapita is the ambitious founder and team leader of the Santa Sells Houses Real Estate Team. His curiosity, drive, and competitive nature attracted him to the real estate industry at the age of 18 when he purchased his first investment property. Matt is always innovating and pushing the envelope in the world of real estate. Thinking outside of the box is ingrained in Matt’s DNA. From customer appreciation to engagement with the London community, Matt is always looking to break away from the pack and blaze his own trail. Since its founding, the Santa Sells Houses Team has grown exponentially to become one of the dominant real estate teams in Southwestern Ontario, helping over 500 families buy and sell real estate in London, Ontario and the surrounding area. and 519.318.7543


Meet The Agents


Meet Dale Marsh:

Meet Dale Marsh one of our Sales Representatives, as our Lead Buyer Specialist! Dales 11+ years in real estate has allowed him to help you with things such as, lot dimensions and boundaries, potential legal issues regarding easements and encroachments. Dale can also offer help when it comes to the ‘juggling’ of the two transactions of buying and selling a home.

Dale loves being active by playing baseball, volleyball and is an avid runner. He also contributes a lot to our community by volunteering and donating his time to help run events such as Hockey Helps the Homeless. Dale is a family man – he has an amazing wife and two beautiful children. and 519.859.3253

Cam Vandersluis

Meet Cam Vandersluis:

Cam is one of our buyer specialists and sales representatives on the team. With a background in architectural design, Cam can provide plenty of insight into every property he sees. Whether you are a first time home buyer, a seasoned real estate investor, looking for a renovation opportunity, or seeking your family’s forever home, Cam can provide unmatched service and commitment to your home search.

Cam is dedicated to providing an exceptional experience to each of his clients, and takes an energetic and enthusiastic approach to his work. He can guide you through each step of the buying process while delivering outstanding education of the current market and tailoring your home search to suit your needs. Outside of his work, Cam channels his energy into being active, cheering for his favourite sports teams and exploring all that London has to offer. Contact Cam today for a completely customized approach to real estate that is built to help you find your dream home! and 519.854.8166

Meet Jordan Menard:

Meet Jordan Menard – our office administrator! Jordan is the glue that allows our team to function properly and efficiently. She deals with a lot of the paper work, emailing clients, speaking with mortgage brokers, builders, and makes sure our office runs smoothly. Jordan loves being active; working out and going for runs with her beautiful husky Maya. She loves drinking wine, hanging out with her friends and family and making and selling one-of-a-kind jewellery! and 519.667.1800

Meet The Creative Team


Meet Carlon Farina:

Meet Carlon Farina aka Manbun aka our Creative Director. You may not see him very much, but that’s because he’s usually behind the camera instead of in front of it! Carlon has been around since the birth of Santa Knows Best and helped get it off the ground. He does a lot more than make all of our videos, he also manages the entire marketing side of SKB! He not only manages the people within the Creative Corner (our marketing department) but also strategically plans our concepts and ideas so that we can execute on them in the best way possible. Outside of work, Carlon loves skateboarding and snowboarding. He’s also an avid traveler who tries to visit a couple new countries every year. To him, family is everything and soccer comes second. and 519.280.3978

Christyn Carter

Meet Christyn Carter:

Christyn is one of the content creators for our blog. She writes about the London community and does some of our Builder Profiles. Christyn has over 5 years of experience writing for the internet (including a couple of years writing clickbait—but please don’t hold that against her). She got her B.A in English and Creative Writing from Brescia, which she loved and enthusiastically recommends to others.
Outside of work, Christyn loves cooking, baking, and basically all things food related. You can usually find her either in the kitchen, playing board games with friends, or watching shameless amounts of Netflix. She also has her own blog that she runs. Check out Christyn’s site.